French AF

Most of the kids in my high school made the "practical" decision when it came down to picking a foreign language to learn and chose Spanish. I, however, had a private school education and 6 years of Spanish (all of which I had already forgotten) under my belt and went a different route. French was [...]

In The Bag

When I still lived with my parents (back in ole San Antonio, TX) someone decided it would be a funny prank to buy me a subscription to US Weekly magazine. The joke was on them because trashy gossip mags used to be one of my favorite guilty indulgences. ย I loved to see Who Wore It [...]

Pastel Yeah!

Hey, everybody! Come see how good I look! I feel like I've discovered a hidden gem of a fashion secret: pastels are universally flattering. Yep, there ya go, universe. Don't say I never taught you anything... Oh wait, that's "common knowledge"? SHUT UP, UNIVERSE, WHAT DO YOU EVEN KNOW?! I wore this dove grey dress [...]

Oh, Snap!

I have a confession to make: I am obsessed with Snapchat. I'm definitely not new to the Snap game, I've had an account for a longggg time because it was one of the ways I would show Joel glimpses of my glamorous life while I still lived in Texas. However, I deleted the app when [...]

Spring Dreamer

You ย know how you can be in a bad mood, but if you smile enough, just the act of smiling can turn your mood around? By turning that frown upside down, you can actually trick your brain into being happy. It's totally a thing. Look it up. Sometimes I like to use that mentality to [...]