Oh Yes It’s Ladies Day (Oh Whatta Day!)


Of the many things I love about myself, being female is probably number one. I feel like part of a cool club that includes almost half of the population and there are NO BOYS ALLOWED. I am a proud feminist! Feminism isn’t about hating men, it’s about equality. It’s about being proud to have double X chromosomes.

We as women should use this day to remember to lift each other up in all aspects of life. #GIRLSSUPPORTGIRLS always!


It’s A Colorful Life

Last night, I took a 15 question “About Me” survey for my friend to use as a “How Well Do You Know Sarah” game for my bridal shower this coming weekend (more on that later) and it was kinda difficult. If you want to get to know yourself a little better, might I suggest taking your own Bridal Shower Survey? Anyway, I’ve just never been good at picking my favorite things, especially sticking to one favorite color. Even when I was a kid and there were the Team Blues and Team Yellows running around at recess, I could never decide which one to join. “I LOVE ALL OF THE COLORS EQUALLY” I’d shout right before getting punched in the gut for being too artsy for Catholic School.




I’m getting married in 2 months (+ 1 week) and when people ask me what my “color theme” is for the wedding, my answer is “ALL THE COLORS”. I don’t necessarily want it to be like that one Snapchat filter where you can make it look like you’re puking a rainbow, but colorful nonetheless. Life is too short to not live colorfully.

Oh, but if you’re coming to my bridal shower, the “official” answer I gave for my favorite color is pink… SHHHHH… you didn’t hear that from me.

French AF

Most of the kids in my high school made the “practical” decision when it came down to picking a foreign language to learn and chose Spanish. I, however, had a private school education and 6 years of Spanish (all of which I had already forgotten) under my belt and went a different route. French was calling to me “Voulez vous coucher avec moi, Sarah”.


I took four years of French and was in French club. My French teacher for all four years was by far my favorite teacher, like, ever. Yet for some reason I always have this nightmare that I can’t graduate high school because I can’t pass French. Sacré bleu! Zut alors!





I’ve always been pretty infatuated with all things French. So when Joel surprised me by beginning and ending our honeymoon in Paris, I was extra happy to marry the crap outta him. I can’t wait to breathe French air. But wait, my nightmare…. it’s back.


I downloaded some “French for Beginners” podcasts to listen to and was immediately put at ease when the first episode spent almost the entire 9 minutes teaching me how to pronounce “croissant” with a French accent. “un croissant, S’il vous plaît“, or “one croissant, please” sounds like “uhhhh kwa sohn seal vu play“. If my French fails us, at least I’ll be totally nailing looking the part of “une mademoiselle”. Stripes, tulle, Louboutins, pussy bows, blush pink, love for Gérard Depardiea, and my bitchy attitude toward strangers should help me blend with the locals, oui ou non?  Je ne sais pas.


Up next, we see how far we get in Italy with my one semester of college Italian. Ciao, Bella!

In The Bag

When I still lived with my parents (back in ole San Antonio, TX) someone decided it would be a funny prank to buy me a subscription to US Weekly magazine. The joke was on them because trashy gossip mags used to be one of my favorite guilty indulgences.  I loved to see Who Wore It Better and Stars: They’re Just Like Us Only Wealthier, but my favorite reoccurring “article” was when we got an inside look into a famous woman’s most personal/useful accessory: her purse.

Granted, that particular portion of the magazine was probably sponsored (why else would [INSERT KARDASHIAN HERE] “confess” to having a L’Oreal Paris lipstick and matching liner in her Birkin at all times like it was fucking heart medication?!).

The other day, I was frantically looking for the x-acto knife I had just bought and decided the fastest way to find it would be to dump the contents of my purse and sift through until it was found. Not only did I make a big ass mess, but I never did find that GD knife and ended up having to buy a new one. Here are some of the things I think to myself every single time I clean out a bag:

  • oh there are those earrings
  • who’s earrings are these?
  • where is the mate to this earring
  • I haven’t even worn earrings in, like, forever
  • I wonder if there’s any money on this Starbucks gift card
  • ooh, a piece of candy!



You can learn a lot about a lady by the cargo carried inside her bag. For instance, I am apparently biased against any brands of nail polish other than Essie and Revlon, but if you need a razor, I’m your girl.

If you zoom in on the picture above you will see a fortune from a long lost (eaten) fortune cookie that appropriately sums up this post/my messy life: “You will find what you lost, bur first you must remember where you left it”…. It’s probably somewhere in my purse.

Forever Nude

If you’re a person who showers every so often, you probably find yourself in the nude from time to time. Unless you’re  Tobias Fünke, being in the buff is one of the most natural occurrences that one can have. I, personally, like to look at myself naked a lot. Not even in a weird or a sexual way, I just like to stand in front of a mirror sans clothes and look at my multiple freckles and play connect the dots with them. It’s my pre bath time ritual.


I like “nude” as a clothing color too. Wearing a nude outfit makes me feel nostalgic about how I came into this world: stark freakin’ naked.



I wore this all nude ensemble to a blogger meeting in Mount Washington with my girl Surz this past weekend. Since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped by the outlook to take some pictures. I mean, THAT VIEW! I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone here and introduce a new category on my blog. Since Pittsburgh is so cool and I have so many friends/family members visiting in the near future, I figured it would be a good idea to start listing good places to go, things to do/eat. You can now find all of the above under the “Local” tab.

Pastel Yeah!

Hey, everybody! Come see how good I look!





Dress/SheIn Coat/JOA

I feel like I’ve discovered a hidden gem of a fashion secret: pastels are universally flattering. Yep, there ya go, universe. Don’t say I never taught you anything… Oh wait, that’s “common knowledge”? SHUT UP, UNIVERSE, WHAT DO YOU EVEN KNOW?!

I wore this dove grey dress + blush pink feather jacket on a Valentine’s date with my future “baby dad” and thought it was such a fun combo, I’d have to take it out for a daytime spin so I could have documentation that I don’t always dress like a slob. I was, technically, supposed to “save” this jacket for our trip to Paris in a few months, but it’s a jacket not my virginity so I got it drunk and gave it a whirl. We (me and the jacket) thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and I’m totally going to call her again.

As for plunging necklines, I’m no longer afraid of them like I was when JLo wore her infamous green Versace in ’99, remember that?

Oh, Snap!


I have a confession to make: I am obsessed with Snapchat. I’m definitely not new to the Snap game, I’ve had an account for a longggg time because it was one of the ways I would show Joel glimpses of my glamorous life while I still lived in Texas. However, I deleted the app when I made the move to Pittsburgh a couple of years ago because I didn’t think I’d use it anymore. When I brought Snapchat back down from The Cloud, my coworkers at the time said I just had to, the app had stepped it up a notch. With hilarious filters to make your 2 second double chin look classy as hell, Snapchat is an all around win.



I love Snapchat because it’s, in my humble opinion, the most personal form of social media. I love getting videos of my friends and family being idiots. Plus, you can get to know a stranger better than Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook because you’re getting a little look into a person’s real life at any given moment. Also, there’s something totally humanizing about hearing a person’s voice. Lady Gaga has an account and I feel like I totally know her now because I got to watch her get her David Bowie tattoo.

If you don’t already have the app go get it and follow me as I get tipsy and show off my wine stained lips then dance with my future husband! Snapchat username: SayNiHay


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