Sarah Facts

My spirit animal is that one dog from the muppets, you know the one who plays piano and takes naps. I don’t play piano, but I do love a good nap.

Like a good wine, I only get better with age. No really, you should see what I looked like 10 years ago. Oh wait, you can’t because I burned all of the pictures and deleted my Myspace page. Just kidding, I’ve always been pretty….

I find sport in sneaking different foods into movie theaters.

I don’t have any cats anymore (because I keep losing them), but I do have a pet unicorn named Patricia. ***Update- I currently have two cats.

Blogging is (obviously) just my side hustle. IRL, I’m living that #nannylife and loving it.

I hate shrimp.

I have many leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

I am 5 days older than Taylor Swift.

I’d almost always rather be sleeping.