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Let Them Eat Cake!

If you live in Pittsburgh, you’re in for a real treat! My very talented sister, Annie, is now taking orders for custom cakes. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might be familiar with her work. Annie made a pink and blue cake for our friends’ gender reveal party last year. She also made the rainbow sprinkled beauty for my Super Sweet 16 (+ 10) party.


Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset



Although she has her Master’s Degree in Library Science and not in The Science of Dessert, Annie has always shown serious talent for all sorts of cooking; with a specialty in baked goods. She worked at a gluten free bakery here in The ‘Burgh before accepting a position with another bakery, where she is now the head honcho of all those pretty pastries.

What started as a hobby, or favor for friends, is beginning to turn into a monetized side gig and I could not be more proud of her! Annie’s talent and creativity know no bounds! I took these photos of the gorgeous pink baby shower cake she was making for her future sister-in-law this past weekend. The pink drips! The gold leaf detailing! All the heart eyes, am I right?!








Annie does cakes for all occasions (weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, etc). To place an order, simply send a message via Instagram.

Be sure to be on the lookout for a 6″ cake giveaway, too!

*giveaway open to locals only as the cake will need to be picked up.



“I Married My Mother-In-Law”

If you’re reading this as either a married person or a person in a committed relationship, take a moment to think about your significant other’s family and your relationship with them. Do you get along? Does your father-in-law tease you like one of his own kids? Does your boyfriend’s younger brother annoy you? Do you share clothes with your future sister-in-law or do you kind of want to push her out of a moving vehicle? Do you have a “can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em” vibe with your in-laws? Do you feel like you compete with your mother-in-law for your husband’s attention? Are you glad you live thousands of miles away from your SO’s family or are you so grateful they’re down the street?


I picked up a 25 cent copy of  I Married My Mother-In-Law from a book sale at the end of last year because the whole concept is so interesting to me! The book is a collection of essays, from a multitude of different pretty well known writers, about relationships with in-laws. The stories vary from genuine love for in-laws to “I’m so glad they’re dead”.

Obviously, when reading the title of the book, I immediately started thinking about my in-laws and what I have to say about my own, personal relationship with them…


Long story short: I HAVE THE BEST IN-LAWS. Seven years ago I met this great guy who I  ended up marrying. I had no idea back then, though, I’d be winning the in-law lottery! You don’t ever really expect to be friends with the mom and dad of the person you marry, but that’s what we are. Joel’s dad, Ron (aka Ron Boogie), is the coolest guy I know, and his mom, Sheila (aka Sheesh or SheShe), is one of my best friends.

How lucky am I that my mom-in-law is my own personal ray of sunshine? Sheila Blumer is not only beautiful on the outside, but she is the sweetest person I’ve ever met. She is one of those people who would give you the shirt off her own back. Literally. One time I complimented her shirt and she gave it to me a few days later, freshly laundered and folded, of course. Just last week I sent a “pity me” text to SheShe telling her how I slipped on ice because I don’t have any winter boots and she showed up two days later with three different pairs of boots for me to try on and keep. Her kindness knows no bounds!



I was the last person to marry into the Blumer family and sometimes I feel like I’m part of a really cool and exclusive club. Me, Joel, his sisters, and their husbands have this amazing example of what a partnership can be. Not saying Ron and Sheila are perfect, but with 45 years of marriage under their belts, they’re damn near close to it in my eyes and I’m going to keep them up on a pedestal where they belong.



Did you know that marrying for love is a relatively new thing? In the past, people used to get married for the sole purpose of making ties with other families and gaining in-laws. These days, I feel like in-laws are probably just “those people you have to see at Thanksgiving” for a lot of people, but not for me. I am so grateful to have fallen in love with Joel and with his family too.

On the flip side of things, I’m kind of shocked to see how well Joel gets along with all of his in-laws, my crazy family. I get my lack of eyelashes, love of stray animals, and many more of my quirks from my mama. He definitely married his mother-in-law. Lucky guy!

#TheBlumers Turn One

WE *JUST ABOUT* DID IT! WE *JUST ABOUT* MADE IT TO OUR FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY (actual date is the 14th), as if anyone ever doubted they’d find us here, ha! It feels like it was just yesterday that we officially became The Blumers in the eyes of both God and the state of Pennsylvania…


It’s pretty funny how quickly we embraced the life of being a boring, old married couple after our honeymoon. Sure we’ve travelled to some cool places since last May (like Toronto and NYC), hosted parties, and explored our city; but our life together as major homebodies is my favorite thing. We spent the first 2.5 years of our relationship mostly separated (I was living in Texas, Joel in PA) as well as the 9 months leading up to our wedding (I was working/living in Ohio), so sorry not sorry that we spend most of our time cuddling on the couch while we binge watch Breaking Bad and The Office on rotation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Hence the “theme” of our first anniversary photo shoot…


DSC04130 copy



DSC04143 copy

A Few Good Mundane Memories:

  • the two days after the wedding madness, right before leaving for our honeymoon, when we got to just chill with our families and remaining friends in town.
  • the day we got our a/c fixed after what felt like a lifetime of being too sweaty to so much as hug.
  • adopting our kittens, who are basically our placeholder children for the next five years.
  • decorating for our first Christmas as a married couple and realizing how much our kittens love to ruin/eat most Christmas decor.
  • dancing our asses off to our wedding playlist in our living room while cleaning up after a party.
  • when we were on our way home late one Friday night and Joel pulled the car over so I could roll down the window and make eye contact with a raccoon in our neighborhood.
  • Joel growing his first beard.

After a year, I still get as giddy as a school girl when I hear Joel call me his wife…. He gets bonus points when he says it with a Borat accent.

Always A Bridesmaid…

…just once a bride.

2016 was the year of weddings for my husband and I. With a total of 9 weddings attended, only 2 we were not in the bridal party. I will admit, it was crazy at times but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

The first rule as a bridesmaid is to set your pride aside. Your best friend is getting married and there is a slim chance she will have the  opportunity to do it again so make sure she feels like a star. It’s not your day, it’s hers. Secondly, try your best to say “yes”. She needs you with her as much as possible and wants your approval and support, not to mention a killer looking squad. Lastly, SET YOUR PRIDE ASIDE. Yeah, I know I already said it but that’s how important it is. Trust me, in the long run, you’ll be glad you did. Knowing I was a hairdresser, all of my friends asked me to first, be a bridesmaid. Then I was asked if I could do the hair. So of course, I had to say yes.

The Guthries

To kick off the 2016 madness, we flew to a beautiful destination wedding for our friends Dave And Cyntia. We stayed at the Paradisus resort in Punta Cana and had an all-inclusive week of luxury. Most of our time was spent on the beach, but we did have an excursion where we were taken to a “floating island”. A man-made spot where we could get a massage, swim with sharks, kayak, or just soak up the sun.

Throughout the resort were signs featuring information about the Mangroves and how there was a tour you could take. My Husband was begging to take this tour from the moment he stepped on the resort so once Sarah and Joel arrived, we got to it. It wasn’t much of a “tour” since we didn’t have a tour guide so we just walked through a pathway of mangroves. And saw a family of turtles. Destination weddings are a wicked vacation because you’re surrounded by an awesome group of friends, amazing food and drinks, and located in some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

The Blumers

Fast forward 3 weeks and a road trip to Pittsburgh and we are celebrating Sarah and Joel Blumer. I came up a week before to spend some quality time with Sarah and help her with anything, from cleaning her house to doing her hair for her big day. I remember my first bridesmaid task: within a few minutes of arriving, Sarah asked me “Hey, can you take this blanket upstairs for me?” Of course I said yes, this was my first official job as MOH! Being assigned MOH, my main task was to have pink hair, so the first day I was there, we colored my hair pink to have it prepped for the wedding. I got to help make the DIY gem wall and assist with the “May the Fourteenth Be With You” marque sign, although it was all Joel really.


The night before the wedding, Sarah and I stayed at Hotel Monaco in downtown Pittsburgh. All Sarah wanted to do was take a big bath and then go to sleep. Nothing too crazy happened except her other BFF Allie arrived at midnight, after Sarah passed out. Allie and I snuck out and walked to the nearest corner store for snacks and treated ourselves to the complimentary bottle of champagne the hotel provided.

My husband Brandon was also in the wedding and we got lucky enough to walk down the aisle together. The Blumer wedding wins for most creativeness, everything was thoroughly picked out by the bride and groom: completely unique, but perfectly Sarah and Joel. Hundreds of hours of DIY work and crafting went into it and it was worth it. I loved every single second spent at their wedding and I know for a fact they did too! I was honored to be Matron of Honor. The wedding was at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA.

The McIvers

Three weeks later, we are back to Texas and back to blonde to attend a classic, glamorous wedding between my baby brother, Andrew, and his gorgeous wife, Lauren. The bridal party spent a week in Las Vegas during the Super Bowl so we didn’t have to deal with any casualties the week of the wedding. I can’t say too much about that except “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

My parents hosted the rehearsal dinner at their home and did a super cute Italian theme and ended the night with fireworks. I saved about $40 by carefully removing the nails I wore to Sarah’s wedding and re-gluing them for Lauren’s wedding. Talk about a “McIver”. On the morning of the wedding, both the mother of the bride and I got to do all of the bridesmaids hair and each others.  The McIver wedding wins for most classic look. They were married at Boulder Springs in New Braunfels, TX.  The bridal party all matched in charcoal, chandeliers hanging throughout, drapery, and a full candlelit reception, it was breathtaking.

The Smiths

In October I had the honor of being a bridesmaid for my bestie Lauryn. The bridesmaids spent a few nights downtown San Antonio at the Menger Hotel, San Antonio’s most haunted hotel! Sadly there were no ghost encounters. We had a great party at a piano bar and then woke up the next morning to all have a relaxing spa treatment. The night before the wedding, we blew off some steam by going to Top Golf and hitting some balls for a few hours.

The day of the wedding, I got to do Lauryn’s hair as well as some of the other bridesmaids. Lauryn and Brad had a beautiful, rustic country wedding at Enchanted Springs Ranch in Boerne, TX. I put my dancing skills to the test with the Grand March. A good chunk of the wedding family was Czechoslovakian and it’s tradition to do the Grand March at your wedding. My husband and I made friends with the bartender, and every time we went for shots, which was about 8 times, she snuck one with us.

The Valencias

To seal 2016 was the woodland wedding at the La Escondida Celebration Center in Helotes, TX featuring the lovely Mikhala and Lorenzo Valencia. Talk about creative and unique. I loved being part of this wedding! We had a space themed bachelorette party and all the girls wore GLITTER ROOTS! We had an Alien named Billy who came with us and even managed to show up at the wedding.

I loved the color pallet they used; the bride is an artist if you can’t tell. She worked hard to make sure everything came out perfectly. The night before the wedding, she stayed up until 4AM working on personalized artwork to gift to the parents. The bridesmaids made our own floral arrangements, and again I got to do all of the hair. Love won between these two, and they conquered all obstacles to get there. Highlight of this wedding was the saxophone player playing Careless Whisper. Almost everyone was out on the dance floor shaking their booty!

And yes, I wore my unicorn mask to every single wedding. It was worth it.

Woah! We’re Halfway There

People say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. So far, it’s been more of an adjustment at times, but I wouldn’t call it difficult. Coming down from the high that we were on from our wedding (especially after planning every last detail for over a year and having so many friends and family come to our city) wasn’t the easiest thing, but we were excited and eager start our lives together as husband and wife.  Even when we got back from our two week European honeymoon, it somehow feels like our honeymoon never ended.

It’s definitely not all rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes I forget that I’m legally bound to anther person and that I shouldn’t keep all of my feeling bottled up like I’m so accustomed to doing. Joel is so great about knowing when any tiny little thing is wrong with me and making me talk about it. Communication has always been key for us. It’s why we never really “fight”.


Today marks our first six months of marriage! Pretty cool that we’re halfway to our first year as The Blumers, huh? Since getting hitched, the question I get asked the most is when we plan to have kids. “Cool your damn jets” is what I want to say to my mom when she pressures me into making a baby before her next visit to Pittsburgh (November 2017). We did not get married for the sole purpose of reproducing, we got married because we want to be together and if we add a few more to our family, then that’s cool too, but it’s just us for now. We don’t actually plan on having children until we are both in our thirties. Joel’s about to be 29, but I’m still 26 so we have some time to ourselves. The thing is, our marriage itself is kind of our baby. Think about it: it needs tender, loving care and we give annoying month to month updates on Facebook. I should copyright that metaphor.


Two big things we have added to our lives since getting married: a budget and kittens! I think that a lot of newlyweds and couples in general, argue about money. With a weekly budget and a nerdy husband who loves Excel spreadsheets, we can happily stick with it! We’re only a little obsessed with our kittens, Sweet Dee and Peter Nincompoop.


It didn’t take us long to settle into our roles as being a boring old married couple. We’re total homebodies who spent the entire weekend binge watching Workaholics and old seasons of Project Runway. We spend a lot of time together at home in order to save our money so we can continue to travel together. We’ll be in NYC for Thanksgiving and have at least two more big trips planned for next year.

And for anyone who thinks it’s weird that we don’t fart in front of each other, know that we do have burping contests and Joel popped a pimple on my face for me last night.

Our Wedding Ceremony

20 minutes before I was about to marry my BFF in front of most of our friends and family, the wedding coordinator of the venue brought me some bad news. “First of all,” she said “it’s raining, so the ceremony will have to be moved inside and most of the guests will have to stand. Secondly, your cake is leaning significantly to the left. I’m so sorry!” This moment sticks out in my mind because I remember so vividly everyone staring at me waiting to gauge my reaction and thinking to myself “alright Sarah, here’s your chance to be the scary bridezilla of everyone’s nightmares and yell at someone!” Just thinking that made me laugh out loud. I can’t even explain to you how much I didn’t care about things going wrong on our wedding day! I welcomed the rain- everyone knows it’s good luck! The leaning tower of cake could fall over for all I cared! As long as Joel was waiting for me at the end of that aisle, the world as I knew it could come crumbling down and I’d still be the happiest gal there.

5 minutes before I was to marry my BFF, my cousin and sister cornered me in the bathroom of the bridal chamber. Annie closed the door behind her (I think she just had to pee) while Christina grabbed me by the shoulders, looked me dead in the eyes, and with utmost seriousness asked: “ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DO THIS?!” Now,  anyone with any amount of doubt might have been mad at this question, but to Christina’s defense I think this is the best question you can ask a bride in the minutes before she links arms with her dad to be given away forever. It was in that moment that I just smiled with tears in my eyes and said “I’ve never been more sure of anything”.




As soon as I turned the corner with my dad, Joel and I locked eyes and didn’t break contact for the entirety of the ceremony. Have you ever had 15 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact? Towards the end, your eyes start to cross a little, it’s really cute. Anyway, as soon as my Pop handed me over with the key to my chastity belt (ha!) Joel and I gave each other the best high five the world has ever seen.





We had chosen the scripture for our ceremony with Pastor Lynn while we did our premarital counseling in the months leading up to our wedding. I think there was some Genesis in there and you can never go wrong with a little 1st Corinthians. My best friend, Allie, read I Carry Your Heart by EE Cummings and gave me the sweetest little kiss on my shoulder as she walked back to her bridesmaid spot.

I usually can’t talk no good when I’m crying, but we said our vows with conviction. I remember being so sniffly that at one point, tissue-less, I wiped my nose with my hair extensions. Then, with shaky hands, we put on our rings. And then…. just like that….


We sealed it all with a big ole smooch!


When Joel and I walked away as husband and wife, he whispered to me to take mental pictures of the night because before we knew it, it’d be over. I’m so glad I listened to him because almost 6 months later, it feels like it was yesterday.


The Perfect Score

Ever notice how the music in a movie can make or break the whole thing? I guess that’s the whole reason why there is an Oscar category for Best Score. The score is important! I, personally, like to listen to music in my car or when I’m going to bed and imagine different scenarios for the song I’m jammin’. With a year long engagement, I had plenty of time to pick the perfect songs for the special moments of our wedding.

Looking back at our year of wedding planning, the part that I remember best and most fondly is putting together a playlist. I would get home from Ohio on Friday evenings, we’d pour beers and get a pizza, and listen to songs. The more beers we drank, the more we danced around the living room. We’ve been to so many weddings where the music doesn’t flow right, so the dance floor is mostly empty. We wanted to micro manage our DJ by picking all of the songs he would play, not just the special ones.




ceremony start/entrance song: Don’t Worry Baby by The Beach Boys (Funny thing is I had originally wanted God Only Knows but changed my mind when it was the intro song to Big Love- HBO’s show about polygamy).

ceremony exit song: You Shook Me All Night Long by ACDC (Played right when we were pronounced man and wifey.

cocktail hour/dinnertime had an eclectic mix of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, Mutemath, Iggy Azalea, Ingrid Michaelson and more.

our first dance song: Leaving On A Jet Plane by Peter, Paul and Mary  (A good choice considering we had spent half of our time together in a long distance relationship! I was driving home from Target when it came on in my car and I cried so hard listening to it and knew it was perfect!)

dance with dad: Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver (One of our favorite songs ever! It was between this or something by the Doobie Brothers.)

cake cutting: Somebody To Love by Queen (Something to love: cake)

bouquet toss: Single Ladies by Beyonce  Bad Girls by MIA (Because I wanted to be original. Also, I threw my bouquet at my best friend and she almost threw it right back to me.)

The rest of the dance music had  a mix of songs by Taylor Swift, Drake, Bruno Mars, Chicago, and other bands who make you wanna shake ya tail feather (Nelly?). Though we asked for no line dancing, The Wobble was played and I now have a funny video of a bunch of people doing a line dance they don’t know.

The last two songs that were played were Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and Come Sail Away by Styx. At the end of the last song, Joel and I stood in the middle of the dance floor where he lifted me up and slowly twirled me around like a ballerina. It may sound cheesy, but I had the best view of all the smiling faces of our friends and family and I was so happy and so grateful for everyone who made our night so perfect.


DJ Kevin of Black Well Soundz


I can’t wait to put on our wedding clothes, drink beer and eat pizza, while we listen to our wedding playlist again. Sounds like the perfect Friday night. Score!