Venice Is For Lovers

Would any European honeymoon or couple's vacation be complete without a trip to Venice? It is, after all, THE City of Love. To be perfectly honest, when we got to Venice on a Sunday afternoon- totally exhausted after a long train ride- having to sashay through the plethora of sweaty tourists wearing fanny packs to [...]

Hallo, Munich!

I have a very important piece of travel advice for my fellow newbie world travelers:  BRING A TRAVEL JOURNAL AND WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN! Since we were taking trains from each city to the next, I spent the first 30 0r so minutes describing, in as much detail as possible, our experiences in the city we [...]

Garden Party Hardy

Road tripping four hours to Virginia is totally worth it if it's for a wedding. Virginia is for lovers after all, so when Joel's college buddy invited us to witness his and his beloved's Garden Party nuptials last weekend, we happily obliged. The whole time we were there, I was wishing I had brushed up [...]