Welcome To Germany

When you think of a romantic honeymoon getaway, you automatically think of Stuttgart, Germany, don't you?! Yeah, me neither. My initial instinct was to fight my betrothed on the prospect of going to Germany at all on our honeymoon, we'd go on our next Eurotrip, but I relented because of love and stuff. Plus, we're [...]

Two Americans In Paris

My first thought upon landing at Charles De Gaulle in Paris was "OMG THESE BATHROOMS ARE SO PINK AND COOL!" After going through customs and immigration, we walked outside and were greeted with a chilly, cloudy French morning. Because of my sister-in-law's horror story of taking the metro from the airport, we decided to splurge [...]


I felt pretty hashtag blessed when Joel and I got to travel to the Dominican Republic last weekend. We flew to Punta Cana for Joel's BFF's wedding and it was a freaking blast! Originally the couple getting married, Cyntia and Dave, looked into hosting their wedding in Cyntia's hometown of Sao Paola, Brazil, but knowing [...]

Just The Travel Tips

My number one ambition in life is to travel. The world is my oyster and I want to gobble that shit up. So far, I've visited more than half of the United States and have been to The Netherlands (Yes, I've been to Europe). Today I will be getting another stamp on my passport from [...]

French AF

Most of the kids in my high school made the "practical" decision when it came down to picking a foreign language to learn and chose Spanish. I, however, had a private school education and 6 years of Spanish (all of which I had already forgotten) under my belt and went a different route. French was [...]

The Honeymooners

Honeymoon planning is in full swing and WE ARE SO EXCITED because we're going on a... Eurotrip! Joel's never been to Europe (I've totally been to Europe, okay) so he is marginally more excited than me, but we are both through the roof elated. Because Joel is smarter than the average person and really good [...]

Detroit, MI

  When you think of Detroit, Michigan, some things that probably come to mind are: extremely high crime rate, bankruptcy, decrepit/derelict houses, or bitter cold (It's So Cold In The D). You may also think of cars because Detroit, also known as the Motor City, is the automotive capital of the world. Even though I've [...]