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Never Have I Ever…




“Never Have I Ever…” is not only the name of a fun drinking game, it’s a unique way to get to know a group of people a little bit better. Haven’t you ever played this game with friends and found yourself saying: “wait, you’ve never been to Europe?!” or “you really haven’t ever driven a convertible car?!”.

Though I like to think that I have lived my life to its full potential thus far, there is still a lot I haven’t done. For this drinking game, grab yourself a Belgian or craft beer to sip (we’re adults, get out of here with your PBR!) and play along.


  • been skiing (I had never even seen snow until Joel and I started dating)
  • been to Disney World (or any other Disney themed parks)
  • gone far enough on a boat so I can’t see the shore
  • done a cartwheel
  • been snorkeling or scuba diving
  • stayed awake through all of Pulp Fiction, What About Bob, or The Big Lebowski.
  • ran a charity race
  • been mistaken for a celebrity
  • eaten frog legs
  • broken a limb
  • spent any time in a hospital as a patient
  • had jury duty

So what have YOU never done?!



Shark Attack: The Drink/Drinking Game

Ever just want to throw it back to your hardcore partying college (high school?) days and play a drinking game?! Well wait no longer and look no further! I’m finally adding drinking games to the long list of things that I do so well here on my blog! YOU’RE WELCOME, WORLD.


We have a fun end of summer tradition in our house: watch the Syfy channel classic, Sharknado (they’re on their fourth installment) and play a drinking game with it. For the last two years, we’ve made over the top, specialty shark drinks to chug while we play. Here’s what we use and how we make ’em:

You’ll need:

In a glass that normal people use for whiskey, add ice and a squirt of blue Kool-aid. Use a cocktail shaker to mix the lemonade, 2 oz gin, 1/2 oz tequila then add to the glass. Throw in some rock candy and a gummy shark on a cocktail stirrer or toothpick and you’re done! For a “scary” effect, you can freeze some blue Kool-aid in one of these and add it to your drink with some strawberry daiquiri mix for a real “bloody shark attack” feel.



This drinking game has been adapted from a few that I’ve seen on the Internet over the years and will work with any of the Sharknado movies… it could even work for some of the other Syfy classics like Dinoshark, Ghost Shark, or Sharktopus…

Take a drink when

  • someone gets eaten by a shark
  • someone makes a Jaws reference
  • you see a B through D list actor make a cameo
  • someone says “Sharknado”
  • someone kills a shark with a weird object (i.e. not a gun)
  • there’s a blatant product placement
  • someone revs a chainsaw or cocks a shotgun
  • there’s a girl in a bikini
  • there’s a “hot girl scientist” (big boobs, glasses, speaking gibberish)
  • every time Tara Reid screams
  • there’s a weather report
  • there’s a shark pun




You will most likely end up drinking  your way through the entire movie so if you want to switch to beer, I totally understand. OH, THE PERSON WITH THE MOST LIQUID IN THEIR CUP AT THE END HAS TO JUMP INTO THE CLOSEST BODY OF WATER: THE BATHTUB!