How to create/wear GLITTER ROOTS!

Because Coachella is always just around the corner... There's a new trend where people put actual glitter in their hair, it's like totally a thing! Whether you're at home with your cat, going to the grocery store, or hanging out with friends, this is the perfect look to make you shine.  To help me model, I [...]

Just The Nail Tips

I am pretty much a textbook Type B person, except when it comes to one thing: my nails (I guess that's technically 10 things). I could give a shit about my toenails, but I am an anal retentive monster when it comes to the upkeep of my fingernails, needing to have them buffed, filed, and [...]

The (Sheet) Mask(s)

After "yes, honey, your ass does look fat in those jeans", the top insult you can say to a woman is "you look tired". My brother recently moved to Pittsburgh and he likes to tell me how tired I look all the time. I'm just like "well, bro, you're looking at me sans make-up and [...]