20 Weeks Pregnant (Woah! We’re Halfway There!)

Woahhhhh! It feels like just yesterday I had a strong feeling that something was off with my body and that that thing could be a teeny tiny growing fetus. Pregnancy is at all times fascinating, disgusting, exhausting, and exciting. I no longer feel any emotions at a medium level, I’m always at a 10 with everything. Reasons I’ve cried in the last week, you ask?

  1. I ran over a suicidal chipmunk (he turned around and ran under my tire, I swear!).
  2. Dinner was NOT ready when I got home from work.
  3. I couldn’t get a song from Mulan out of my head.
  4. Both Joel and I got to feel the baby/babies kick for the first time on Wednesday night.

As far as documenting this pregnancy, I always felt like I’d be much better at it. In my imagination, Joel and I would do weekly bump update photoshoots and my maternity style and pregnancy glow would be ON POINT. In reality, however, I live in bike shorts/whatever still fits me and deal with hormonal acne. And these office mirror selfies are as good as it’s gonna get.



On Monday morning, I have my first ultrasound where we will finally get to see what the hell is really going on inside my uterus. Sometimes I feel like there are 5 babies in there, but there’s probably only one. We have a family group chat where everyone guessed what we’re having and we have all the bases covered from single girl baby (our niece Lola’s guess) to twin boys (my guess). Can’t wait to see who’s right!

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