Baby On Board

“Holy shit I’m pregnant…”

For the most part, that’s all I’ve been able to think for the last few weeks. You only do something for the first time ONCE, so being with child for the first time feels like a big freakin’ deal to us. I want to make sure I write everything down so that we have a place to look back on later in life as well as to keep our family, friends, and any interested strangers informed.

Pandemic and Pregnancy

Is it weird to be pregnant during the Covid-19 pandemic/State Of Emergency? In some ways, you bet your ass it’s weird. I’ve had a bit of anxiety leading up to Dr appointments knowing that Joel would not be able to accompany me. I’m fully capable of going by myself and am aware of women everywhere embarking on the journey into motherhood solo, but hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is such a beautiful experience and I was a little bummed I couldn’t share it with my baby daddy. Plus with the whole “pregnancy brain” thing I tend to immediately forget my planned questions for the Dr, so it’d be nice to have someone there with a better memory. Still unsure of whether or not I’m allowed to take Tums for all this heartburn…

With all that being said, since it’s our first time ever expecting a baby, we don’t have anything to compare it to. The office visits go by very quickly because they want patients in and out as fast as possible, which is great if ya ask me. The offices and hospitals I’ve visited are the safest feeling public places I’ve had to visit since quarantine started because everyone is being EXTRA mindful of their surroundings. Plus, being pregnant during Covid has been the best distraction and filled me with all kinds of hope about our future.

How am I feeling/How far along am I?

sweet dee gag

I will be 14 weeks on Wednesday (June 3rd). Now that I’m leaving the first trimester, I’m feeling like an actual fully functioning human being again. I had no idea that morning sickness didn’t necessarily mean vomiting. I expected to be puking all day everyday, but I only ever had aggressive dry heaving, mostly in the mornings, evenings, or if I walked up a hill. The exhaustion, though, was something else. AND HOLY CRAP THE HEADACHES?!

All physical pregnancy ailments aside, I’ve never felt consistently  happier in my life.

Were we “trying”?

Short answer: no, not really.

Long answer: if you look at the actual scientific statistics of getting pregnant, they’re not super high. We talked about wanting to start a family at some point this year or next and one night decided to stop NOT trying (as any young, hot blooded married couple is want to do after drinking a Moscow Mule or two) and assumed I would not get pregnant because, according to the calendar, I was not ovulating. Whoopsie!

I kind of assumed we’d run into fertility issues because I know how common they are, even for young, healthy adults. That and Joel’s been really into biking for the last few years which can really mess with sperm count. Even though it happened much faster than we planned, we are both so incredibly grateful that it happened when it did and without issue.

Any food cravings/aversions?

I HAVE AN AVERSION TO PEANUT M&M’S WHICH IS REALLY WEIRD BECAUSE THEY’VE BEEN MY FAVORITE CANDY FOREVER. As for cravings, according to the Internet, supposedly you’re more prone to have cravings deeper into the second trimester. However, I’ve been really wanting to eat shitty cheese pizza lunchables, egg rolls, cottage cheese, Philly Cheesesteak, and the following made by my mother-in-law, Sheila: fried chicken, meatloaf, potato salad, meatball subs, and pierogis. I’ve been wanting to up the spice ante on most things I eat, too, and have been no stranger to putting hot sauce on a cream cheese bagel or cayenne pepper on potato latkes. Omelet with extra jalapeños? sign me up.

Baby Boy or Baby Girl/baby names?

This is my favorite subject that’s come up pertaining to pregnancy! As soon as we saw the positive pregnancy test, Joel and I both thought “IT’S A BOY!” Obviously, we’ll be delighted with either gender, but my gut says boy.

Baby names have been one of my favorite things to research for years! For boys, we both love Hebrew and/or German names since our first names are both Hebrew and our last name is German. I love a name with a strong meaning, too. My list of girls names is very long and random and Joel dislikes most of them which is part of why it might be easier if we’re having a boy.

We decided before ever getting pregnant that we would not be sharing our child’s name on social media. We both feel the need to maintain what little bit of privacy we can; especially now that I’ve been getting more work as a “micro-influencer” (good Lord that sounds douchey) and can’t/don’t want to change my Instagram privacy settings. Our kid’s name won’t be some HUUUUGE secret that you’re not allowed to tell once you know it, but he or she will probably have a nickname specifically for Instagram.



Buckle up for all pregnancy all the time blog posts for the next 6 months.

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