Alive In Pittsburgh

As of this morning, I’ve decided I’ve missed writing this blog. It took me a while to get to this point, but as they say “absence makes the heart miss blogging about its life” or whatever.

So far, I’ve written one other post in 2019. That post, about my weird Texas upbringing, inspired me to start writing a memoir about what it was like growing up as the quintessential middle child, the third born into a family with three sets of twins. I was making good headway, when my laptop battery suddenly imploded. Guess who has two thumbs and kept clicking the “remind me tomorrow” backup notifications? THIS GUY! I lost all of my work as well as at least one year’s worth of photos.

I’ve been patiently waiting for that familiar impulse to write to kick in, and lo and behold, it finally has! Getting into the habit of blogging will *fingers crossed* get me back to writing that book. Baby steps. I digress…


So, you ask, what have we been up to since I stopped updating this thing? Well, for starters…

  1. WE WENT TO JAPAN. And South Korea. And Toronto, CA. And I visited family in Texas. I guess you could say that traveling is still my number one ambition in life.
  2. I realized that there is a direct correlation between my level of happiness and how blonde my hair is. Superficial? Sure, but good to know nonetheless.
  3. After five years of living in it, we finally got to a place where our home feels “finished”. A big part of that was investing in a couch that our asshole cats aren’t allowed to scratch to smithereens.
  4. We were full blown vegetarians for a hot minute.
  5. I got, and miraculously cured, Lord knows how many cases of Baby Fever.


Although I stopped documenting mine and Joel’s lives, we never stopped livin’. But damn… it feels good to be back!



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