I <3 NYC

I LOOOOVE NEW YORK CITY! I mean, really really love it. When I was 8, I was leaving Wal-mart with my mom in my hometown of San Antonio, TX, when to my sheer delight I saw a yellow taxi cab pulling into the parking lot… Without hesitation, I raised my hand and screamed in my high-pitched child voice “TAXI!” because that’s what the movies told me people in NYC do. My mom, confused and probably very irritated by her third born, gave me a “wtf do you think you’re doing” look and politely told the cabbie “JK LOL, kids? AmIRight?!” before pulling me the rest of the way to our puke green Ford Aerostar.

When I was 12, I got to visit The Big Apple for the first time. I remember it ever so fondly. I can even recall exactly what I wore: a blue and white striped tee shirt, khaki shorts, and sketchers gel sandals because I thought tennis shoes and socks would make me look like a tourist (my fashion sense showed up much later in life). Two of my sisters, our godparents, and myself were on a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty when some cool older kids came up to me and started conversation. When they asked my name I told them “Nicole” (my middle name, before I ever even realized it’s actually spelled “Nichole”) and that I was three years older than I actually was. I went down the daydream rabbit hole of reinventing myself and one day moving to this wonderful, albeit stinky, city.

Fast forward a whole bunch of years, and I’ve now been to New York City a whole bunch of times and I’ve since realized that even better than living there is knowing other people who live there so you can make the 6 hour drive and have a free place to stay, but keep your own house (with 2 car driveway) in Pittsburgh- everybody wins (except Bryan because I may or may not have clogged his toilet…. Sorry, Bryan!)!

We’ve spent 2 Thanksgiving weeks in NYC with friends and I’m really hoping we can make it into an annual tradition. It was a whirlwind three days, let me tell ya! We went fancy watch shopping on Park Avenue and gossiped about The Real Housewives of NYC with the sales rep at the Jonathan Adler Showroom on Lexington (he had some pretty great Dorinda insight!). We ate bagels in Brooklyn, where myself and other Bagel Store patrons shamelessly took photos of our rainbow bagels before devouring them. I played countless games of eye contact chicken with strangers on the subway. We explored Chinatown and ate delicious soup dumplings. I bought a lucky waving cat, lost it at some point in the night, went back to the store to buy a new one where I got lectured by the woman working to maybe not drink so much, then ended up finding the first lucky cat a week later. I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Joel made a video of our trip, but before you play it make sure your volume is turned ALLLLL the way up so you can fully enjoy and appreciate the sweet, sweet jam that is Andrew W.K.’s “I Love NYC”.


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