Cheap AF Gifts

Whether it’s for stocking stuffers or you’re holiday shopping on a budget for “secret Santa” at work or you need a gift for that person in your life you don’t like that much, we can all probably use some hella cheap present ideas, right?! Lucky for you (and your wallet) the gifts I present you with today are all under $10!

  1. I own this ridiculously inexpensive essential oil diffuser and I use it literally everyday… I didn’t know it comes in pink though!
  2. If all reusable nylon bags were this cute, there probably wouldn’t be an island of trash floating around the ocean. (love this one, too!)
  3. Ummmm, it’s a pizza blanket… maybe it’s meant for children, but I already have an adult in mind who is getting this for Christmas for sure.
  4. My very stylish sister-in-law has these heart eyed sunglasses in every color, and I’m obsessed. They magically look so good on everyone!!!
  5. Unicorn soap on a rope for your stinkiest friend/cousin!
  6. Three words for you: downloadable art print. The best part about it is you don’t necessarily need your own printer for this because you can send it to your nearest Staples and have it printed and still keep it under $10… SCORE!
  7. IDK about you, but I love getting socks as gifts… it’s literally the only way I ever get socks.
  8. Apparently initial necklaces are all the rage right now.
  9. Retro salt and pepper shakers? ummm, yes! I can’t decide which ones I love more the kitten and yarn or two poodles kissing.
  10. I think enamel keychains are so dang cute and it’s soooo easy to find the perfect one on a budget.

Holy crap, I’m proud of that list! The best part of finding inexpensive gifts is that you can afford to buy more for people… what an anti-Grinch thing to do!

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