All About That Vase

Whether you like it or not, the holiday season is upon us! In my book, as soon as November 1st hits, holiday decor is a-okay. I completely understand folks wanting to get that Christmas decor up and running to stretch the season and the desire to make it last as long as possible…

A big part of this time of year is gift giving and, more importantly, receiving. I’d like to hereby dedicate Fridays as themed gift guide days from now ’til Christmas because, yes, I want to help you find that perfect gift for that special someone, but also, I want my husband to have a thorough list of things I wouldn’t mind owning.



For my first list of gifts, we have vases. What? You mean to tell me you don’t enjoy fresh flowers in the house? WELL YOUR MOM PROBABLY DOES.

  1. This leopard vase is so cool! Fill it with a cheap bouquet from Trader Joe’s and make it befriend your cats. (BABE, THERE ARE ONLY 4 LEFT IN STOCK)
  2. Your sister will go bananas for this bud vase!
  3. Ummm, your best friend needs this adorable handmade vase.
  4. For that plant killing, black thumb pal- this vase is shaped like a cactus, but won’t die unexpectedly.
  5. How cute is this squiggly little guy?!
  6. Need to prove how much you love someone, but can’t afford diamonds? Easy solution- this epic Beyonce vase!
  7. Holy crap, what a statement piece this geometric vase is!
  8. For the primary color lover in your life, this is a good one.
  9. These ceramic milk cartons would make great bud vases for your great aunt’s collection.
  10. I feel like these art deco looking bud vases could be appreciated in your son’s bachelor pad.

Another great thing about giving a vase as a gift to someone is the endless DIY options, too! You could go to a paint-your-own ceramics shop or spray paint a cat shaped bottle of wine (which I literally did and have in our bathroom). The possibilities are endless for this particular gift and I’m sure everyone knows someone who would love a new vase.


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