Halloween 2018

Remember last week how I wrote that whole long, nostalgic post about all of mine and Joel’s couples costumes throughout the years and I pointed out how this year we were too busy (see also: lazy) to dress up? Well, my dear, sweet husband read that post and felt bad. He asked if he could throw together some last minute costumes from stuff we had lying around the house so we could at least take photos and keep our streak going…

Enter Construction Foreman and….. Sexy Piece of Drywall:


Supplies needed:

  1. Piece of Drywall
  2. Sexiness
  3. Belt
  4. Sledgehammer
  5. Hardhat
  6. Safety Goggles



When I say this was last minute, I mean it… Joel came home from the gym at around 7 last night and poked some holes in a piece of drywall then I rolled out of my period cramp induced coma on the couch (wearing the same clothes I wore to work), threw on a hardhat + safety goggles, took these photos, and called it a day. I mean, damnnnnnnn! that is one sexy piece of drywall!


I tried so hard to be mad at Joel for making me get off of the couch to take these when he should have been making me dinner, but he walked into the room and I couldn’t stop laughing! Here’s hoping we make it onto an Internet list of crappy, last minute costume ideas (hey, Buzzfeed!).

Happy Halloween!!!

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