Ghosts Of Halloweens Past

Have you ever said something out loud to someone and, like, as you’re saying it you regret saying it? A couple of years ago I said to my friend “if ever there’s a year that Joel and I don’t do a couple’s costume for Halloween, have us committed because we’ve clearly gone insane….” So just an FYI, we Blumers still have all of our marbles intact, but we’re skipping dressing up this year for no reason other than we procrastinated ourselves into apathy. Womp womp. “CARE MORE?!” we can’t.

Don’t get me wrong, Halloween is still my number one favorite holiday and I’ve been enjoying all of the spoooooooky neighborhood decor all month long. On the actual 31st, here’s what’ll happen: Joel will get home from work and turn off all the lights as to not be disturbed by trick-or-treaters (haha, it’s one of my favorite things about him) and I will stay late at work to pass out candy in the most impressive all-things-all-Hallow’s-eve neighborhood I’ve ever seen! (Seriously, if you’re in the Pittsburgh area, check out the borough of Aspinwall for a serious Halloween fix. They have a parade and everything. Good luck finding parking, though!) Then, I’ll drive all the way home at 10 mph to avoid running over any children. I can’t wait!

For nostalgia’s sake, here’s a walk down memory lane featuring some of our past couple’s costumes:

2017- King Kong & The Empire State Building

ARE YOU NOT IMPRESSED?! It lit up and everything! We kept the Empire State building for a couple of months because the cats loved playing in it, but we ended up getting tipsy and using it as fire pit kindle after an all night dance party around Christmastime. We dressed our cats as a ladybug and bumblebee, which was as cute as it sounds.






2016- The Bachelor + Dental Hygienist Contestant

Remember when The Bachelor was our guilty pleasure? yeah, me neither. We were also characters from It’s Always Sunny for our Halloween party.




2015- Katy Perry & “Left Shark”

A Super Bowl halftime show reference?! Look at me knowing sports things! After wearing his shark costume for 10 minutes, Joel cut the bottom off and made a shark cropped top. Did I have to dye my hair teal for the costume? nope! But look how good we look!!! I also made a seriously amazing photo backdrop out of black and white balloons that spelled “BOO” AND a candy tray in the shape of the Snapchat ghost!





2014- Princess Leia & Han Solo

Because, duhhhh. This was back in the day when I hadn’t even lived in Pittsburgh a whole year and Joel was just my boyfriend. I loved this costume so, so much! If you Google or Pinterest search “easy last minute halloween costumes” our photo comes up with a link to a Popsugar article.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Well, crap. This walk down memory lane made me super nostalgic for Halloween Couple’s Costumes… if we don’t dress up next year, have us committed.

2 thoughts on “Ghosts Of Halloweens Past

    1. Haha good question! Also the Christmas Eve’s Eve dance/burning trash party was one of the most fun nights of my liiiiife so the Empire State costume was worth the sacrifice!


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