Saving Face

Having “great skin” is not something I’ve ever been fortunate enough to have. With an oily t-zone, some scarring on my cheeks, and a tendency to break out along the jawline when stressed or PMSing, it feels as though I’ve been fighting an uphill battle against my face since I was a teenager. I remember turning 20 and thinking that the days of hormonal teenage breakouts were behind me, but at 28 I’m still waiting for that day to come…

I’ve come to terms with the fact that the skin on my face will never be perfect without a face transplant (can you just take the skin from my butt and super glue it on my face, Dr.??), but I have found a few ways to make it SO MUCH better than it was.



  1. Let your face breathe by not wearing makeup for at least 24 hours at a time. Easier said than done for me, but if my skin is flaring up because of PMS, I don’t wear makeup and I avoid all contact with mirrors. I used to be one of those people who’d put on full-coverage makeup first thing in the morning or I’d have to have something on my face before going to the gym (just to sweat it off anyway), but not anymore. I honestly think that I became more okay with my face and all of its flaws after marrying Joel. He tells me I’m beautiful when I’m fresh out of the shower and looking like a drowned dog, so that helps a lot.
  2. Girl, wash your face!!! It’s hard to believe there was ever a time in my life that I was okay with going to sleep without having removed my makeup; the thought makes me cringe! Find a face washing routine and stick with it. I wash my face after the gym in the morning and thoroughly every evening before bed. If I’m partying too late on a weekend night and am too tired to wash my face, I try to always at least use a makeup removing wipe before passing TF out.
  3. OILS ARE FRIENDS NOT FOES. As a woman with combination-leaning-toward-oily skin, I’d have never thought washing with oil would be anything other than counter productive, BUT NO! I either use this Vitamin B oil or Almond oil to remove makeup and I cannot preach enough about the benefits of Castor oil! I have used this method to wash my face off and on throughout the last few years and it’s the sole reason the acne scars on my cheeks have seriously diminished. 10/10 would recommend!
  4. Color Correcting + Primer. After giving my skin a rest following PMS breakouts, making sure to wash thoroughly, etc.; I try to cover up what I can without caking on a pound and a half of foundation/powder. Enter the life enhancing magic of a good primer (I use this one as it has a very low toxicity score and it’s hella cheap) and a color correcting green concealer (this one is my bff)!
  5. HANDS OFF!!! Don’t. Touch. Your. Face. I am for sure guilty of this bad habit, but I’ve recently been thinking about how gross it is. Not only are you transferring all of the oils from your hands up to your face when you have an itch, but all of the germy germs you’ve acquired by touch too. Yuck.




Those are some pretty easy steps to follow for skin improvement, no? With my personal Battle Against Breakouts coming to an end (fingers crossed anyway), I have also found it very useful to enlist a good SPF for my face to put off an inevitable War On Wrinkles for as long as humanly possible.


Now if anyone out there has a permanent solution for dealing with one long, black chin hair (i’ve gone ahead and named mine since she seems to keep reemerging post plucking) … I’m all ears.




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