Joshua Tree, CA

Joel and I knew that on our recent trip to Palm Springs we’d make at least one excursion outside of the city. Originally, we planned on going to both Salvation Mountain (an art installation 1.5 hours outside of PS) AND Joshua Tree National Park (45 minutes outside of PS), but I’d rather not spend an extra 3 hours of my life trapped in a tiny Mazda Miata; so the closer of the two was the winner. To Joshua Tree we went!

being boujee as hell in the desert



When we were getting ready to go to Joshua Tree for the night, Joel looked at me and said “… that’s what you’re wearing?!” I responded with “ugh, obviously I’m going to bring something to change into” even though I originally had no intention of changing clothes whatsoever. I thought I could have totally managed a mild hike in this mustard/polka dot two piece getup…. but I got several ant bites during the 5 minutes it took to take these photos, so good thing I did end up packing that hiking outfit.

On the drive there, we had the top down in the car and feeling the temperature steadily drop due to driving to higher elevation was so cool (literally!). It was the most perfect night to arrive at magic hour and watch the sunset.


holding my purse like a well trained husband.






After I got my “ethereal desert photoshoot” (that’s what I was going for anyway) out of the way, we drove further into the park to find a good spot for Joel to take photos of the night sky…



I was listening to this episode of one of my favorite podcasts the other day and it really struck a chord with me about how important nature is to human beings. When Joel was setting up his perfect shot of the night sky, I found a comfortable rock to sit on and I just sat… for hours! IT. WAS. AMAZING. Sure, at the beginning of the sitting, I had my iPhone and was making videos, but I put it away when darkness started to blanket itself over the sky so I could simply exist in nature. The silence was almost deafening. If you ever get the chance to stare up at the night sky as the galactic core of the Milky Way presents itself and you can spend a couple hours contemplating the universe and existence in general, PLEASE DO. I’m fully aware it all sounds silly, but it was a life changing night that I hope I’ll never forget.

On our drive back out of Joshua Tree and into the Real World, the sound of coyotes woke me from my serene state and I realized 1) how much time had passed sitting on a rock and 2) how hungry I was. On our last night in Palm Springs, I fell asleep with a Wendy’s chicken wrap in my hand and thoughts of parallel universes in my head.


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