New and Improved Travel Tips!

Ahhh, remember this post I wrote back when I was such a green traveler? Now that I’ve been to more than one European country and consider myself to be a much more seasoned explorer of our world, I’ve got some much more useful travel tips to share.


  1. If you are my mom or a follower from Instagram, you probably know that me and Joel just got back from a trip to California… “Just got back” as in, like, I was finally asleep in my own bed at 2 a.m. this morning. I got to sleep in while Joel had to get up and go to work because he wants to save that extra vacation day for the end of the year. IF YOU CAN WING IT, have a buffer day or two between vacation and real life/work. That way, you won’t be one of those people who says “I need a vacation after my vacation”. Don’t be that guy. That guy sucks.
  2. Earn miles with a credit card. I get asked A LOT which card we use to earn travel points and it’s the Citibank AAvantage. It’s how we flew roundtrip to Paris for our honeymoon and only paid the taxes of the flights. We should have enough points to book a trip to Japan next year!
  3. Don’t be afraid of or intimidated by discounted airlines (like this one we used last year)! Also, sign up for Airport Watchdog to be alerted when airlines have specials and sales.
  4. Clean your house before you leave. There’s nothing like coming home to a clean house.
  5. Splurge on a gel manicure.
  6. FORGET WHAT EVERYONE SAYS ABOUT NOT NAPPING WHEN YOU LAND TO AVOID JET LAG. The best naps of my life have been the ones I’ve taken after landing in a new city. Maybe I just love sleeping more than the average person, but it’s also fun to wake up in Paris more times than the allotted 5 mornings spent there.
  7. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT wear your hair extensions on a flight unless your destination is Migraine City. You know, the capital of HolyShitI’mSoUncomfortable? Yeah, I stand corrected on that tip.
  8. If you don’t have kids of your own, be patient with the people traveling who do. Don’t blame the parent for a crying baby. Don’t blame the parent for the milk dumped on your head by the hyperactive toddler sitting behind you. Laugh it off, your hair looks fine!
  9. Pack for what ails you. Example: Bring laxatives if you’re not good about going in public/close proximity to your significant other. Bring Imodium in case the opposite problem occurs… Sure, it makes a funny story if the only non-English speaking person you meet in Germany is the woman at the pharmacy who doesn’t understand you when you tell her you haven’t pooped in a few days, but bring your own meds anyway.
  10. I get the appeal of renting a convertible to drive around, but good Lord make it something bigger than a Miata. Your old person spine will thank you.
  11. I get that you’re excited to get home after a long day of traveling, but don’t race your husband through the airport. You will fall down and your right arm will swell up from when you bonked it so hard on the escalator.
  12. FaceTime your cats if you miss them. It’s not weird….
  13. If you’re a speedy reader like me, don’t forget to bring at least two books with you (one for the flight there, one for the flight home). Damn girl, how do you not have an eReader at this point? It’s 2018 for shit’s sake!
  14. Stay with friends! If you have friends or family who live someplace cool, go visit them! Let them be your tour guides for a few days. Just be sure to let them know that they’re always welcome to your city, too.
  15. Find a good balance between taking videos/photos and being present in your surroundings.
  16. Never be afraid to be “too touristy”. You are a tourist, after all.

This recent trip to Southern California was one of my favorites ever. Stay tuned for more from that!


For more travel tips, check out Using Pinterest To Plan A Trip.

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