We Love Pittsburgh!

“Pittsburgh is actually (surprisingly) really cool” is a thought I find myself thinking quite a bit now that I’ve lived here for almost half of a decade. I can totally see why Pittsburgh has topped all sorts of Internet lists in the likes of “The Nation’s Most Livable Cities” and “Unlikely Cities With The Best Restaurants” and “Top Family Friendly Cities”. I debated even writing about my love for my adoptive city, because I don’t want everyone to pack up and move here all at once (I like to think of the upcoming Amazon Potential HQ as a game of hot potato that I’m throwing right at you Columbus, OH). I actually like being able to go to a great brunch spot on a Sunday and get seated with little to no wait. I like that I can always find parking at Whole Foods and I can’t even remember that last time I got stuck in traffic! I also really like that more metropolitan cities (NYC, Chicago, D.C) are not too far away and can be reached easily as a weekend road trip.

from an old ass post about brunch in the ‘burgh
I mean, I guess I could work on a part two of this Pizza post… 

The questions that I get asked the most via social media are all about Pittsburgh. Whether it’s the best neighborhoods to live in, the coolest parks to take your kids to, or the trendiest spots to hit while you’re spending a long weekend here, I guess I come off as a reliable source for all things Pittsburgh. Instead of telling strangers that I don’t go out much “because I work in a steel mill all day and then at night I do sexy water dances at a club to make money for ballet school” (you’d be shocked by how many millennials don’t know the plot to Flashdance), I want to make an effort to explore my city a bit more and find the hidden gems throughout.

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset
from our engagement photoshoot in the super cute Pittsburgh borough, Oakland.
From one of our first “Cheap Dates” posts

It makes sense, right? My all time favorite thing to write about is traveling, so why not travel around my own city for a change. Go at it with the same tenacity as when I go to Paris…. Find inspo in my own backyard for once. Okay, FINE. You convinced me…. Now, if you’ll please fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be one hill of a ride… (you’d totally get that joke if you knew how many hills are in Pittsburgh).

need a mural for an outfit photo backdrop? I gotcha, girl. Pittsburgh Street Art

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