Cheap Dates: Movie Monday

Can you think of a better place to hide from the scorching summer sun than a cold movie theatre (okay, I guess a pool isn’t bad, but sometimes you just want to get blasted by air conditioning, ya know)?


I looooove going to the movies. Always have. Always will. You’re welcome, Hollywood Big Shots, it’s me who has been keeping you fat cats in business. I don’t remember the first movie I saw in an actual theatre because I got disinvited to see Pocahontas in ’95 because my family didn’t get enough tickets for all the kids (oh, cool, forget the middle child again why don’t you)… However, I do remember the movie theatre being the place to be for a hot minute between eighth grade and freshman year of high school. The first time I held hands with a boy was during The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (quelle romantique!) and I had my first makeout sesh in the back row during The Incredibles.

Lucky for me, my love for light PDA and blockbusters is shared by my husband, Joel. One of our favorite things to do is fill one of my larger handbags with Taco Bell/Wendy’s dollar menu items and some cold La Croixs from home and go to the movies. We especially love the theatre by our house because they have super cozy seats that recline and, on Mondays, you get discounted tickets AND free popcorn!!!




Are you excited for any summer blockbusters? I kind of can’t wait to see The Meg because of my weak spot for all shark movies ever since having the shit scared out of me by Jaws when I was 6.

I realize that movie dates can potentially run you a pretty penny. If you and your significant other go to a movie on a Saturday night and get popcorn/snacks/sodas you can easily spend upwards of $50. If you do it our aforementioned cheapskate, Blumer way, though, you’ll make out like a bandit! Cheap Dates FTW!!!



5 thoughts on “Cheap Dates: Movie Monday

  1. I’m an old lady when it comes to seeing movies. I will go to the last show before noon to get the cheap tickets! And I’m all about bringing my own snacks. The AMC by my old place in Florida actually used to let us bring in food. People would come in with whole pizzas sometimes!

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  2. LOL, you are my true hero for bringing taco bell into the movies! we like to go in the morning on the weekends because it’s cheaper and generally less crowded, so sometimes we’re sneaking in bagels and coffee. even though i hate winter, it’s good for going to the movies, because i can hide my big travel mug in my coat, hah!


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