Home Office (In Progress)

It’s hard to believe that we finished renovating and officially moved into our home four years ago last weekend (our very first party was a Memorial Day party that we had the day Joel moved in). Even though, technically, I’ve only lived here full time for two years (we barely lived together before we were married), it feels like I’ve been here forever. In the grand scheme of things, four years is not a long time to have lived in a home, but it’s a long time to still have so many unpacked boxes. Until our recent spring cleaning, I had no idea the amount of Legos my husband has been hoarding since childhood. I’m not even mad, I’m impressed! As of a month ago, those Legos have a new cozy, organized home taking up the entirety of the closet in one of the spare bedrooms.

Speaking of spare bedrooms…

Our 1940s home has a weird setup. Instead of a having a hallway like most homes, you have to walk through a bedroom to get to our master. Joel hated how the empty room would echo when he walked through it, so he filled it with the fugliest couch I’ve ever seen (meaning no offense to our buddy BP who gave us the couch because it was totally comfortable and nice for lounging before our cats started using it as a toilet). It took up half the room and I really don’t remember how the hell we even got it in there in the first place. I hated seeing this eye sore everyday. To kick off our spring cleaning, Joel took a sawzall to the brown monster and we spent the afternoon carrying sofa chunks out to the garbage.

Finally, we had this blank canvas of a room waiting for paint…

good riddance, poop couch!


Since we knew we’d turn this room into a home office, I wanted it to be super bright, inspiring, and stimulating; I didn’t want to walk in and want to fall asleep. I had this vision of painting a giant yellow triangle on the wall with the window and we could reuse the black accents we already had around (Joel’s guitar, metal dorm shelves, hairpin leg desk). With some simple shelf styling (vintage knick knacks, art prints, candles, books, and my prized Pizza Plaque), this side of the room is finished AND I LOVE IT!!!





We plan to move the cats’ litter boxes and food setup down to the basement, so only half of this room is finished as of right now. But I think this is the first blog post I’ve ever typed sitting at my desk and it feels great! For the first time in years, I sat down and actually created something (the portrait of Peter and Dee on the bottom shelf) and I can’t wait to keep that up/ get back to my artistic roots.


4 thoughts on “Home Office (In Progress)

  1. looks great! it really does take a long time to settle into a house. my husband and i are going on four years in ours, and we still have some unpacked boxes–mostly art prints that we just don’t know where to put yet. we finally planted flowers for the first time, which feels like a huge achievement, ha. we still have some hand-me-down furniture that’s moved from apartment to apartment, but slowly we’re replacing things or figuring out where it should go.

    enjoy your new office space!


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