A Thousand Splendid Staircases

Did you know that Pittsburgh is actually the second hilliest city in the United States after San Francisco? Not sure if there’s any truth to that because my fact checker is currently downstairs making us vegan meatball subs for dinner, but I heard it once in passing.

Anyway, with so many hills comes lots and lots of staircases. We drive by random sets of stairs everyday and one day Joel’s curiosity got the better of them and he decided that this summer we’d challenge ourselves to climb all the staircases Pittsburgh has to offer. The Stair Master has spoken, we shall climb a thousand flights of stairs this summer and with my new found love of exercise, I’m not even mad about it.




I’m not a numbers guy, does 1,000 flights of stairs sound like a lot? That sounds like a lot of climbing to me. By the end of the summer, we’ll have climbed the Mount Everest equivalent of stairs (fact checker is still downstairs)… wish us luck!





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