Cheap Dates: Ikea = Good Idea!


Here’s a sexy scenario for you:

You’re on the couch with your significant other and he (or she) turns to you and says “hey baby, I’m going to build you the closet of your dreams. Let’s go to Ikea on Friday night to get the stuff.”


First of all, Ikea on a Friday evening is heavenly; there are no hoards of people fighting over the last Smuggenflygën patio set in stock or screaming children demanding an ice cream cone before mommy can even think about looking at sectionals. There are only blissful couples buying easy-to-assemble home furnishings and eating Swedish Meatballs (they have vegan ones!!!!!). Ikea at night seems to be a world away from its daytime counterpart, and we highly recommend visiting your local one on a date with whomever you’re  sweet on.



If you get tired from staring into your soulmate’s deep brown eyes, simply take a short rest on one of the many seating options inside the store. Chairs or sofas, if you fits you sits.




Are you feeling famished after whispering sweet nothings into the ear of your partner in the rug section? Does searching for the best $3 blush pink pillow case (the one that perfectly flatters her skin tone, of course) make you so hungry? Just head to the cafe to get a giant plate of food for under $6. I hear the Chicken Cordon Bleu isn’t even that rubbery. And again, THEY HAVE VEGAN MEATBALLS.




Whether you actually need a set of frames for your new wedding photo gallery wall or you just want to kill time before your movie starts, consider Ikea for all of your date night needs.

Note to self: next time, remember to play a romantic game of hide and seek in the shower curtain section.


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