Using Pinterest To Plan A Trip

Ahhhh, Pinterest.

I remember when I first got a Pinterest account, my BFF and I would text each other screen shots of the craft projects we wanted to make (totally made earring hangers out of cheese graters). Then, anytime I’d begin a sentence with “did you see, on Pinterest…” she’d stop me quickly and say “YES. SAW IT. SHUT UP.” because Pinterest didn’t have that much, it was only one homepage to scroll through and it was mostly DIY/craft projects.

These days, IDK what I’d do without Pinterest. To me, Pinterest is to inspiration what Google is to information; and I use it just as often. Although I wouldn’t recommend it for any original engagement or wedding photo ideas (haha, remember this?!), I’ve used Pinterest for just about everything else… Especially for planning a vacation.

Anytime we’re thinking of going anywhere, I “research” the place using Pinterest. IT. IS. SO. USEFUL. I owe it all to Pinterest for finding Burano- the extremely colorful part of Venice, which we visited on our honeymoon:




I probably wouldn’t have given much of a thought to Stuttgart, Germany until I looked it up on Pinterest and saw one of the most beautiful libraries E V E R:



Most recently, I used Pinterest to look up stuff to do and see in Asheville, NC. Asheville has a pretty outdoorsy reputation with good hiking trails around, but thanks to good ole Pinny, we found the most beautiful place to hike: Chimney Rock.








Gorgeous, huh? Even though we were there at the tail end of winter, it was still so beautiful! I kept telling Joel that I don’t think I’d be able to handle the beauty at the peak of Spring or Fall. The drive on the winding road through the mountains was something out of a dream and then B-A-M you see it: Chimney Freakin’ Rock, man!

This was one of my favorite vacation days ever (and, ec hem, I’ve been to Paris, so that’s saying a lot…)!  Thanks Pinterest for helping us find great stuff to do in new cities! I currently have a *secret* board for planning activities + sights to see for an end of summer trip… CALIFORNIA, HERE WE COME.

run, don’t walk, to your nearest device and make yourself a Pinterest account.

DSC03223 copy

6 thoughts on “Using Pinterest To Plan A Trip

    1. What part of California do you live in?? I lived outside of Sacramento for a while and used to go to San Francisco now and then, but never to Southern California


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