Anti-Social Media

Alternate title for this post: Deep Thoughts About Shallow Things

Is there anyone more annoying than a Facebook “friend” you don’t know that well who pops up on your feed and melodramatically announces that they’re deleting Facebook friends? “If you’re reading this, you’re SO lucky you made the cut because I just went on a deleting friends spree.” Good for you, Bruce! p.s. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT.

Back in March, I took an Irish Exit from my most used social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram. No goodbyes, just a quick touch of a “deactivate my account” button, a “yes, I’m sure” button, and “none of your fucking business” button (do you really need to know why I’m leaving, Mark Z-burg?!) and POOF! No more Facebook! I don’t miss it at all. As for Instagram, I only deleted the app from my phone and plan to go back to it sometime in the future, but not quite yet…

If the fact that I haven’t been on the Social Media Scene is brought up to me, it’s usually followed by a casual/nonchalant “why’d ya leave?” to which I ever-so-eloquently answer “eh idk just because“. Even though an Instagram account is something so stupidly paltry and doesn’t really matter at all, me taking a break from it was little more complicated than “just because”. Since I can’t articulate this aloud without sounding like a grade A nut job, I decided to write it out here… on my blog, where I can put my crazy lady thoughts “on paper”, so to speak.

gettin’ the ‘gram (*eye roll emoji*)

As far as Facebook is concerned, it’s just all around annoying. Facebook has also been giving me the creeps for a while now, too. Like when my college stalker kept sending me messages or when ads were popping up for stuff I had been talking out loud to my sister about (I hadn’t even done a google search yet). I just, ughhhhhhh, don’t care if you’re waiting in line somewhere or how your day is going, Karen, gosh.

“did you get it? did you get the ‘gram?”

Instagram is a little more complicated, though. I loved Instagram! I loved having an outlet for artistically shot and edited photos of me doing cool stuff, our house, our cats, and places we’ve travelled to. I loved how curated I was making my life look! I loved connecting with interesting people around the world and gaining inspiration from artistically shot and edited photos of them doing cool stuff! Then all of a sudden, it got to be too much. When we were in Austin, I was obsessively upgrading Instagram stories with the cool stuff we were seeing instead of just enjoying it as it was happening. Not only was I annoying the living daylights out of myself because of my weird, incessant need to post on Instagram, but I soon started to recognize feelings that one should not be feeling on social media, let alone anywhere else…

  1. Lust- example: lusting after someone else’s trip to Greece.
  2. Envy- example: envious of someone else’s baby bump (what can I say? it’s that stupid biological clock ticking away at me)
  3. Gluttony- example: wanting to literally eat my phone when I saw a picture of someone else’s brunch.
  4. Greed- example: I don’t want to tag where I got these shoes on sale because then someone else will have them too.
  5. Wrath- example: loathing and being annoyed to the point of anger at how stuck up one of the world’s most famous fashion blogger comes off (that’s not very feminist of me, is it?!)
  6. Sloth- example: I don’t want to get up, I just want to scroll through this for 5 more hours, k?
  7. Pride- example: I am so much better than someone else.

Yeah. The seven deadly sins brought to you by Instagram. It’s like my Instagram Persona had Narcissistic Personality Disorder or something. How ridiculously stupid is that? I am fully aware of how dumb my feelings were, but I can’t help feeling my feelings any more than you can (hey at least it’s proof that i’m not a robot). The choice to take a step back from being “social” and reflect came easily to me because social media isn’t part of my actual profession, but rather just a hobby. I didn’t want my life to become an episode of Black Mirror (which we just started watching and, OMG, we love it). Yes, my blog views have plummeted without having social media as a tool to remind people to read it, but I don’t care.

Eventually, I’ll get out of my own head about something as trivial as my presence on social media and try to pick up where I left off without going down the rabbit hole. I just don’t want checking my phone for anything except the time to be such a reflex, ya know? I don’t want to ever measure my life by “likes” and “comments” and “shares”. I don’t want to be just another millennial who says “hold on, can you do that again? I want to make an Insta Story of it” on a regular basis. I gotta chill the eff out.

If you need me or miss me, you can find me here on this blog as well as Words With Friends (yes I still play that), Pinterest, and most recently, Good Reads. If you’re really lucky, maybe you’ll even see me IRL! Wouldn’t that be sweet?! Too bad I’m much cooler on the Internet…

“wait, babe, take a picture of me using my phone as a mirror to put on this lipstick”


3 thoughts on “Anti-Social Media

  1. High fiving a million angels over this post. It’s so weird how things like Facebook and Instagram are supposed to be these community builders but they actually just make people feel isolated and lonely. And YES, sometimes women I follow and generally like DO annoy me and question my feminism which is annoying to mull over while zoning out over Buzzfeed Tasty videos.
    Thanks for keeping it real, always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yessss! There are a couple of episodes of Hidden Brain that talk about the isolation of social media! Holy shit Tasty videos!!!!! I could watch them all day 😅


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