Nashville, TN

For the most part, tourists are drawn to Nashville because it’s a place to shake your Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (here’s hoping this song gets stuck in your head now, too) and let your country music loving freak flag fly (say that 5 times fast). Although there was a small window in my early twenties where I’d jam to some country music above any other genre and yeah, sure, I tricked my grandpa into buying me cowboy boots back in the day (wore them once), that’s not my scene anymore. Now that I’m a boring old lady who listens solely to 80s rock music and lives in her falling apart Kate Spade booties, I guess the city of Cleveland is more my speed…

But since we have family in the shape of my sister-in-law, Laura, her husband, Todd, and their baby girl, Lola, living in Nashville, it was the perfect first stop for our Spring Road Trip.

“B b b bottle and the jets” – Lola AKA Baby Elton John


First of all… Lola. Honestly, if we’d never left Todd and Laura’s home and just hung out with Lola the entire trip, we would have been happy. She peers directly into your soul with her big, beautiful blue eyes. Joel and I love being uncle and aunt to this lil’ pierogi and we’re so excited to get to see her (as well as her new cousin, baby Beckett) grow up!


Because Laura is an actual, real life (gets paid) blogger, she gets invited to blogger events. And because I love getting free stuff and spending quality time with my sister from another mister, I went with her to one. This particular event was held at Lemon Laine, a natural beauty and wellness shop located in East Nashville. This is one of those dangerous stores where you want. to buy. EVERYTHING. We got facials, tried out Tata Harper products, ate tasty treats, and got to talk to fellow admirers of natural living. Even though I took off all of my makeup and had to show off my monster cheek pimple to a room full of strangers, it was still a great time! And I’m definitely going to invest in some Tata Harper products because my monster cheek pimple disappeared overnight… Hallelujah!






I’ve got one tasty, made up word for you: Cronut. When a croissant and a donut make a baby, it’s called a cronut and it’s delicious. Normally, I can’t finish an entire donut without getting a little sick to my stomach because they’re just too sweet, but I swear I could wolf down a dozen of these things and only regret it mildly. So good!!! Five Daughters Bakery is a must if you’re visiting Nashville. Thank me later.


Lola can’t have cronuts yet, hence the face she’s making.


Another new treat we tried and loooooved, was coffee soda at Steadfast Coffee. It’s coffee, it’s soda, it’s amazing. Don’t read too much into it and just be pleasantly surprised when you try it.

bitch stole my look.


On Saturday night, Laura and Todd got a sitter for Lola so we adults could go out for a night on the town. We dressed up nicely and went to Le Sel for pomme frites at frilly drinks. Remember when I said that Joel and I didn’t go to any fancy restaurants when we were in Paris? Well, Le Sel totally made up for that! The pink velvet booths + black and white accents were très beau. Got a lot of future home decor inspo from there for sure!





We couldn’t go to Nashville and not at least witness Broadway at night, could we?! It was extra crazy because it was St. Patrick’s day! If you find yourself driving by the hockey stadium in Nashville, roll down your window and yell “Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup champion” as loudly as your lungs will allow (our hockey team totally annihilated their hockey team last year #sports).




Todd and Laura’s home is seriously so beautiful! If it looks like it belongs in a magazine, that’s because, NBD, it has been (HGTV magazine)! Everywhere you look, it’s perfectly decorated. Even when it’s “messy”, it’s cute, and we loved just hanging out there.






Barista Parlor is by far the most hipster coffee place I’ve ever been to. Me, Laura, and Lola wore our matching Metallica shirts when we went there. Gosh, we’re cool.




For our Nashville grand finale, we ordered Five Points Pizza. Holy Crap. THE BEST PIZZA I’VE EVER HAD. Even my pizza snob husband said it was tied for first place with his favorite Pittsburgh Pizza.




It’s not easy having so many family living out of state, especially now that we have a little niece and nephew. Though I have dreams of creating an entire community on a private island for all of my relatives one day, it’s great to be able to visit and explore cities that might otherwise take a back seat to travel priorities! We love Nashville and can’t wait to go back! (note to self: buy a jug of coffee soda next time)



Next stop: ASHEVILLE!

12 thoughts on “Nashville, TN

  1. Looks awesome! Thanks for the suggestions. Especially the donut place. I love donuts! (We’re going to Nashville in July).


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