Road Trip, OMG!

This post is sponsored by Subaru. Love- it’s what makes a Subaru a JK THIS AIN’T SPONSORED (but I do love my Subaru).


Imagine for a second that you’re twelve years old. At that age, if you were given the option to spend your summer A) leaving your home state for the first time and partaking in an epic, cross country road trip with your godmother and two of your sisters, or B) staying home and being semi-spoiled by your parents for being the only girl in the house; which would you choose?

In 2002, I chose option A. We took our sweet time driving from Texas to North Carolina, making all sorts of stops along the way. From there we also went on to visit Philadelphia, DC, NYC, Myrtle Beach, and a few other places. Although I did have a tiny bit of FOMO when my sister (the idiot who actually wanted to stay home so she could train our family dog to love only her [which totally worked, btw]) called and said she saw my crush at Sam’s Club, I still consider this the best summer of my adolescence. ROAD TRIPS FTW!

Since that initial trip, I’ve been on a few other monumental (20+ hours in the car is considered pretty monumental, yeah?) road trips. You see, there are some subtle differences between a Road Trip and your average long car ride. On a long car ride, you go from one place to another in one take, like when we drove down to Atlanta (12 hours from Pittsburgh) to visit family or going to/from New Orleans and San Antonio in my early twenties (only 8 hours to get to NOLA from SA). But on a road trip, you make it a point to stop and see stuff OR you have more than one destination.

Because we seem to have this nagging need to be elsewhere when we have time off of work, Joel and I recently took a road trip from Pittsburgh to Nashville to Asheville and back again.  To Nashville because Joel’s never been and his sister, her husband, and their sweet daughter live there so it doubled as new place to explore and family bonding time. To Asheville because we’ve heard nothing but great things about it plus it rhymes with Nashville, so there’s that.


I wrote down a list of things that will make any road trip an enjoyable experience.

  1. Podcasts (uhhhh duh)– my favorites are Hidden Brain, Super Soul Conversations, Radio Lab, and Bulletproof Radio. We’re also pretty into True Crime (who isn’t?!), but haven’t been able to find a good crime podcast since season 1 or Serial… What are your favorite podcasts?
  2. Healthy Snacks– we made turkey wraps and brought cut up bell peppers to eat on the way to Nashville. On a road trip, you don’t want to eat anything that will be in any way upsetting to your stomach… Let’s just say the only gas you want in your car is the kind that makes it go…
  3. OVERPACKING– there are no TSA travel regulations in your own car, so you can totes bring a tote bag full of full size toiletries. Can’t zip your large duffel bag because it’s bursting at the seams with clothes you probably won’t even get a chance to wear? No worries! Throw it in the trunk and fuggettaboutit.
  4. Cozy Clothes– the floral sweatpants I’m wearing in the photo below are the least flattering, but most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn.
  5. Good Company– not that a solo road trip wouldn’t be fun, but having my dumb BFF by my side is always my favorite way to travel. Barf, that was sweet, huh?



We hit a small patch of bad weather on our way home, but other than that it was a great trip! Stay tuned for Nashville and Asheville posts coming soon…

3 thoughts on “Road Trip, OMG!

  1. Have you tried to get into Criminal? My fiancee and I listen to it every night, some of the episodes aren’t topics that particularly interest me but most of them are great.


    1. Oooh! I’ll try that one, thanks Ryn! Have you listened to My Favorite Murder at all? They’re pretty good, but some of the episodes are 3 hours long 😳


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