Montmarte, My Heart

If you find yourself in Paris feeling guilty about all of the gluten filled pastries you’ve been wolfing down, you might want to try burning some calories by taking a walking tour of the most charming Parisian neighborhood, Montmarte. It will be a delightful feast for your eyes!

One place we will probably never go inside of in Paris is the Moulin Rouge. Nothing against cabaret, it’s just that the film with the same name is one of my favorites of all time and I don’t want my illusions to ever be shattered. That being said, the Moulin Rouge is a good starting point for when things start to get steep. The hills and stairs you will go up will leave your thighs burning! Ready, set, hike.


IMG_7512 (1)

Oh, wait. Before you start heading up up up, be sure to check out the Pigalle Basketball Court. Seriously, if the San Antonio Spurs played on a court like this, I might start caring about the sport a little bit more… QUELLE MAGNIFIQUE!!!!

IMG_7513 (1)

IMG_7514 (1)


IMG_7518 (1)

Sitting at the top of Montmarte, is Sacre Coeur. I dare you to run up all of the steps in one go! Honestly, that’s the best way to get to the top while simultaneously avoiding people trying to sell friendship bracelets to tourists.




The “Sinking House” can be found to the right of the last set of steps en route to Sacre Coeur (disclaimer- it’s not really sinking as Joel showed you in this video).





When I think of Paris’ landmarks, I think of the Eiffel Tower, Arc Di Triomphe, The Louvre Pyramid, and La Maison Rose. It was probably the Millennial Pink shade that initially drew me to this place, but I also thought it was a bakery. It’s definitely not, so don’t try knocking. Worry not, though, if you’re looking for a well deserved snack after all that exercise you just did, Pain Pain is on your way down through Montmarte. “Pain pain” translates to “bread bread”, which translates to “yum yum” if ya ask me….

à bientôt, Montmarte! Je t’aime!

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