Paris/Reykjavik Video

Do you ever dream that your life is a movie? Maybe I’m just a particular breed of Romantic/Drama Queen, but when I was younger I used to fantasize about accepting my Academy Award for Best Actress for my role as Sarah Haase, Witty and Lovable Middle Child. I didn’t realize until after we were married, that Joel would be the creative genius behind my starring role. I love that he finds me so a-muse-ing.

Maybe I’m biased (with just a hint of narcissistic) because my husband made it, but I could watch this video of my good side traipsing around Paris and Reykjavik all day. The colors are gorgeous (enhanced by Joel!), the music is perfectly timed (thanks, Joel!), and you can hardly see the croissant food baby I’m hiding throughout (great camera angles, babe!). Crank up the volume and enjoy! Or don’t! We don’t care! BYEEEE.



p.s. Parisians LOVE Daft Punk.

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