The Trip

If you’ve been following me around on Instagram, talking to my mom, or are my friend IRL, then chances are… you totally already know that Joel and I spent last week traipsing around Paris and Reykjavik, Iceland. I can’t speak for myself, but my dear husband has been in serious need of a vacation. Not only had Joel been working hard, 10 hour days for the weeks leading up to our trip, but homeboy hasn’t taken any vacation days since our honeymoon last May (whereas I’ve had plenty of time off and have gotten to go here, here, and here).

When we learned that WOW! Airlines was opening up shop in Pittsburgh, we decided to take a trip back to one of our favorite places, Paris, as well as check out Iceland, you know, while we were “in the neighborhood”.




Sometimes you just have to take a time out from real life to eat (meat and cheese), drink (alcohol!), and be married.






Although I’m the last person I know “in need of” a vacation, I’ve been in such a creative slump lately that I wanted to take this amazing travel opportunity to gather material to write about while spending quality time with my hot, nerdy guy. I can say with the utmost confidence that I accomplished all that I set out to do! *high five*

I can hardly believe how much inspiration I got from merely a week away from home! From people watching in Paris, to learning how to correctly pronounce “Reykjavik” from local Icelanders, I made sure to take lots of notes in my travel journal and have quite a few blog posts lined up for the next few weeks. As an added plus for me, it is clearly stated in clause 16b of our (unwritten) marriage contract that Joel has to be my personal photographer until the end of time (HA! Got ’em!), so you can expect a lot of cool photos to accompany each post. And before you start feeling sorry for Joel, or making over/under bets about how many times I said “babe, like, take my picture in front of the Eiffel Tower”, know that he loves it. Joel is more than just an Instagram Husband, he is a photographer by nature and he even got a new toy out of it- a Sony RX100 III, the best travel camera ever, SO THERE.

Are you not entertained yet? Well, we’re just gettin’ started…

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