If you have turned on any news source in the last few days, you’ve seen that our home state of Texas has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey. This is “one of the largest disasters America has ever faced,” according to Texas Governor, Greg Abbot. With 100+ mph winds destroying homes in the Corpus Christi area, as well as the 50+ inches of rain that has flooded Houston and surrounding areas, literally millions of people are being affected. We beg of our readers, both domestic and international, to keep these people in your thoughts and prayers; and if you can do so, donate to the American Red Cross (any little bit goes such a long way)!

Fellow Texans- please keep up the good work. It is so heartwarming to see the H-E-B trucks loaded up with food, water, and medical supplies on their way to help those in need, Buc-ee’s Gas Stations setting up cots in aisles so that the families who had to evacuate can have a place to sleep, and so many others donating food, clothes, and toys  to those affected by this disaster of a storm.

To all those in the affected areas, please stay safe.


Sarah and Christina

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