Ohio Is For Lovers*

*Ohio is for cheap wine loving residents of Pennsylvania.

I used to feel like Joel duped me into moving up to PA from Texas for the lone reason that Pennsylvania has some whack AF laws regarding alcohol. “What do you mean you can’t buy beer or wine with the rest of your groceries and have to go to a separate part of the store? TRADER JOE’S DOESN’T HAVE WINE AT ALL? HOW WILL I LIVE WITHOUT MY OTHER BOYFRIEND, TWO BUCK CHUCK?!”

But, being a serial optimist, I can always find that silver lining….


THEY TOTALLY SELL WINE EVERYWHERE IN OHIO (fun fact- most of the people who willingly visit Ohio are just thirsty Pennsylvanians)! Last weekend, Joel and I embarked on the fifty minute journey out of PA, through WV, and into OH for the sole purpose of buying cheap wine. We’ve both been feeling the itch to travel again, plus there’s totally a chick-fil-a on the way. Three birds, one stone, dead.

We took a break from being Plant Based to share 30 nuggets #becauseweareworthit

Joel heard on the streets that Aldi sells an “award winning” rosé, which everyone knows is the drink of the summer as well as a key ingredient to frozé (frozen rosé). So with bellies full of chicken and NPR on blast, we embarked on an epic…. “oh, we’re already there? cool…”

And whatdya know, they were sold out! Instead, we got:

  • a white zinfandel (it’s pink too, so close enough)
  • cheap Aldi champagne
  • a box of Chardonnay (it’s not good)
  • a 6 pack of Amber Ale (also pretty bad)
oh, don’t mind me, just getting photographed behind an abandoned building in Ohio.



When we got home, Joel made some champagne ice cubes, which we later mixed with the White Zinfandel and some frozen raspberries, and you know what, it was one of the most refreshing alcoholic beverage I’ve ever had (suck it, frozé).

It’s funny, when I lived/worked in Ohio for the 9 months leading up to our wedding, I felt myself harboring this childish resentment toward the whole state, but it really isn’t that bad. I swear, people from Ohio are the nicest, so I’m hoping they don’t get too offended by my lighthearted teasing (lookin’ at you Leann and Rachel)!


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