Shark Tanked


You could call me an idea man. To which I would reply “I’m not a man, man”. But anyway, I’m full of ideas, or at least… I used to be…

When there is nothing better on tv, my husband likes to watch the show Shark Tank. Every time he puts it on, I feel two emotions: 1. grateful that I’m not in the same room as Mark Cuban and, 2. nostalgic for a time when I too had ideas for super cool, unique business ventures and/or iPhone apps. I used to have ideas in general. WHAT’S HAPPENED TO ME?


Lately, it’s as though I have perpetual pregnancy brain, only I am not currently, and never have been, pregnant. I only ever use one adjective (amazing!) and can’t recall other words that I know I know to save my life. So what am I doing to combat my lack of vocabulary/inspiration/ideas/etc? The bare minimum, of course! I used to keep the Notes app open on my phone at night so that I could quickly write down the ideas I dreamt up, but that quickly became writing all of the weird shit Joel said in his sleep (big time sleep talker, that guy!). Now, I am just using this relic called a dictionary to reteach myself the vastness of the English language. Hopefully this will be a step in the right direction for the ol’ noggin.

Are there any other 27 year olds out there who feel like their brains are broken?! Nope? Just me? K BYE.

Shark Tank/TATY, Pink Jacket/SheIn

2 thoughts on “Shark Tanked

  1. *raises hand* Lately it’s like I’ve forgotten how to pronounce words that I’ve airways known. I’ll go to say something simple like “interesting” and legit stutter because I can’t remember how to say it properly. So weird and annoying.


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