Welcome To Me Too

Not a Meghan Trainor reference although I have heard we look alike…

Hey Y’ALL!  Yes, I said “y’all”. I’m Christina, Sarah’s cousin and bestie from San Antonio, TX (you may remember me from here)! I am proud and thrilled to let you know, I will be joining in on the “That’s What SHE Said” site as a co-author. Get ready to see a whole lot more of me. My name is Christina Ashton, formerly McIver- pronounced “Mac-Gyver”. Yes, LIKE THE TV SHOW.

I am a 27 Year old wife and mother. I met my husband almost 10 years ago and knew the moment we met, he would be MINE. I wouldn’t let anything stop me from marrying that fine piece. Fast forward 10 years and we have 2 beautiful children. Thomas, age 4. Charlotte, age 3. I’ve always viewed the world as a loud and vibrant place and I am always searching for boldness and beauty in everyday life. It wasn’t until about 3 months ago that I actually considered blogging. The more I thought about it, the more I knew I could do it. I want to show y’all what the world looks like through my eyes. My spirit animal is a Unicorn and I’m always spewing glitter and magic everywhere I go. Being unhappy won’t get you anywhere so do your best to feel the best! I’m ecstatic to start this new adventure. Be ready for the sparkles.

with all the joy and love,


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