Straight Trippin’ in 2017

I can totally see why the whole world seems to be itching for 2016 to end and to turn over a new leaf in a brand new year (we might even attend a “fuck 2016” themed New Year’s Eve party this year), but I have sworn to never let the serial optimist who pilots my entire life ever die. I am fully aware of the terrible shit that went down this last year, but I try my damnedest not to dwell. Instead, I will remember 2016 as not only The Year We Got Married, but as The Year We REALLY Traveled too.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a desire to travel. When I was 12, I painstakingly realized that I had never left the state of Texas, so I said “YES YES YES” to an epic, cross-country road trip with my godmother and 2 out of 3 sisters without even a smidgen of a second thought. I find immense amounts of pleasure when I get to add another state, country, or continent to my list of places I’ve visited.

Although we are saving another big Eurotrip for the year after next, Joel and I still plan on taking advantage of any/all vacation time we get for mini trips in 2017. Here are some of our travel goals for the upcoming year. As always, recommendations are welcome for them all!

Nashville, TN. In March, my sister-in-law’s BFF is throwing her a baby shower in Nashville (where they’ve lived for the last year and a half), to which Joel and I will be in attendance. Although we will probably only be there for a quick weekend and we’ll be really busy, I have a few places in mind that I’d love to see around the city (like the place with the insane bloody marys). Mostly, though, I’m so excited to see what @gummergal has created as far as a nursery goes. Her creativity (and uniqueness) when it comes to home decor is #GOALZ!


Reykjavik, Iceland. With a discount airline adding Pittsburgh to one of its list of hubs next Summer, Europe will be more accessible than ever before. Though we are a tad wary of flying the “cheapskate” route (especially after reading online horror stories via the airline’s reviews), we’re excited by the possibility of exploring this ridiculously beautiful city! My Instagram gal pal, Courtney, wrote this post about Iceland’s geothermal pools and it makes me want to dive right in.


Miami, Fl. Some of my dearest friends are moving down to Florida early next Spring and I’ve already let them know they’ll be hosting us as house guests at some point. MIAMI SEEMS SO FREAKING COOL! Wynwood Walls, Versace Mansion, South Beach, Art Deco Tours, Little Havana- I know we’ll love it here!




Here are some of the places we went to in 2016 if you’re feeling nostalgic:


13 thoughts on “Straight Trippin’ in 2017

  1. my husband and i went to iceland for his birthday! we flew WOW – definitely the cheap route, but i did a bunch of research, so we were prepared. we brought our own food and drinks on the plane, i had a couple of movies ready to go on my laptop, and we got through checking extra baggage by just wearing a bunch of our layers onto the plane haha. i wrote about it on my blog, but you definitely need to go to iceland! it’s amazing.


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