A Blu(mer) Christmas


And just like that, Christmas is in two days… This time of year is known for its ability to fly by, but it seemed to go by even faster this time around. Maybe it’s because we never drank hot toddies and listened to holiday music or decorated the house while the Netflix Fireplace burned in the background. We kept the decor to a minimum this year because a) we somehow misplaced the bin containing most of the ornaments, stockings, etc. and b) our cats decided they like to mess everything up anyway. This is our first Christmas as a married couple! It may be a milestone, but the only thing that’ll really be different is we’ll get to sleep in the same bed at Joel’s parent’s house on Christmas Eve… IT’S A BIG DEAL FOR US.



One pretty cool thing that we (98% Joel) made this year was a gingerbread house version of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water. His family used to enter (and win!) gingerbread house making contests all the time and they’ve got some pretty mad skills (shameless family brag)! As I watched him build the model first out of cardboard and duct tape (the graham cracker was adhered to the cardboard because we don’t play by any of society’s rules in this house, damn it) I kept telling him that maybe he should have been an architect, he coulda been a contender. His talents know no bounds. He’s kind of the best.

A great, new tradition of ours is to go to the cute, tiny theatre down the street that plays Christmas movies and watch our favorite one, Die Hard. They serve beer there so everyone gets good and rowdy. We went on Saturday night and I wore the big faux fur coat I’m wearing in the pictures above and when Joel came downstairs, he asked me why I was dressed like Martha Wayne aka Batman’s dead mom.

We’re kicking Christmas weekend off by heading to Emo Karaoke tonight! It really is the most wonderful time of the year and I hope you all have the happiest of holidays! BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

A tree destroyed by kittens


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