#IHaveThisThingWith PINK


Everyone has a thing with something, right? I think that my obsession with the girliest of all colors stems from the fact that I was such a tomboy growing up- I’m making up for lost time. When I was looking into hotels for New Orleans, I saw this one and booked it immediately. It could have been the site of a mass murder (it wasn’t) or run by a creepy cult (no), but it wouldn’t have mattered because IT’S PINK! I highly recommend staying at the New Orleans Guest House if you’re in Nawlins. It’s charming AF and you get free waffles in the morning. Our room opened up right to the courtyard, complete with pretty plants, flowers, and 2 cute cats running around.



The pink passion runs deep. I even have an entire pinterest board dedicated to it. Cool story bro.


Pink phone case Ban.do
Pink wall in Pittsburgh, PA. If this gets painted over, I’ll die.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Pink in Amsterdam at Kitsch Kitchen


Clearly, I favored the pink walls in Burano over the orange/violet


Pink in Toledo, OH

WelcomeToMe20151128 - 12

My knowledge of the pops of pink out in the world might be the only thing that gets me through the dreary, gross winter. It’s 11 degrees outside.


6 thoughts on “#IHaveThisThingWith PINK

  1. Girl, I getchu. This post is the best eye candy on the web! So pretty!
    And ps…when you had pink hair, could you get it to stay pink? My pink washed out SO easily (although this was before I was enlightened and started buying color-depositing shampoo).


    1. Thank you, Tracy! As for pink hair, I started with really dark magenta and let it just fade out to cotton candy because I was just killing time between a hair appointment to cover it all anyway! My stylist is pretty annoyed at how bored I get between getting highlights


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