View From The Top



There are times and places where it is perfectly okay to be a tourist. If you’re visiting an unfamiliar city, you probably want to do the things all of the other visitors are doing, right? That’s fine! Just please don’t go around wearing a fanny pack (stop wearing fanny packs ironically, hipsters!) and put the camera down for at least a few minutes to enjoy your surroundings. Touristy things are touristy for a reason, the reason being they’re good. The Eiffel Tower, The Statue of Liberty, The Golden Gate Bridge, The Great Wall, and The Big Boots outside of North Star Mall in San Antonio are all tourist attractions and they’re all freaking cool.

The super touristy thing we did on our recent trip to NYC was go to the Top of The Rock (top of 30 Rockefeller Center) and it was amazing! We’ve been to the top of the Empire State Building, but this view had that one beat. It’s great to have a 360 degree view of all of the skyscrapers and parks and bridges that make up New York City. We wholeheartedly recommend this over the top of any other big ass building.



Oh, great. I said the word “tourist” so many times that now this song will be stuck in my head all day…

“And if you feel just like a tourist in the city you were born
Then, it’s time to go
And you find your destination with so many different places to call home”

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