Fantastic Gifts And Where To Buy Them

As of last year, we changed up the Blumer Family Christmas gift giving dynamic to be more of the Secret Santa variety. Having a $50 “suggested” limit to spend on one person is great because we can really focus on that person and get he/she what his/her little heart desires.

Idk about you, but I love gift giving almost as much as I love gift receiving! I’ve done some research and found a few cute online “Mom & Pop” shops where you can find the perfect lil something for your special someone.

  1. shop herehere, and here for gifts for the cool girls in your life
  2. need little gifts for the whole family? three words: personalized krazy straws.
  3. for your pen pal bff (yes people still have those) drop a hint like no other that keeping in touch is v important.
  4. get this or this for the person you love the most
  5. for your plant loving sister, this
  6. home decor gifts? YES and YES
  7. how cute is this shop for all things trendy baby’s first Christmas?!


I’m realizing now that this list consists of mostly things that I want. That’s okay, though! I have pretty damn good taste, so you can bet that if I’m coveting these things, your girlfriend/wife/mom/sister/aunt probably is too…. hopefully those are all different people and you aren’t dating your mom, sister, or aunt.


4 thoughts on “Fantastic Gifts And Where To Buy Them

  1. dude! thanks for the straws shout out!
    i bought some for my boyfriends nieces and nephews and they are the cutest thing ever!!! i cant wait to give them away!


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