I Love New York City (Oh Yeah! New York City!)

Might I suggest a song to listen to as you scroll through this post? Turn your speakers up to full volume and blast this bad boy, if you please.

Reasons Joel and I spent Thanksgiving 2016 in NYC are as follows:

  1. Joel’s 3 best man friends from high school live in 3 different boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn) and we miss them and their dumb faces.
  2. This girl has been needing some new colorful walls to take pictures of/in front of.
  3. So people could ask us if we were going to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and we could look at them with mild disgust and say “ew, no.”
  4. eh, why not?


I’ve found myself in general creative slump lately, and gallivanting around a different city (especially this particular city) is just what the artsy fartsy doctor ordered. Unlike my previous two times visiting NYC, I packed all the right things and didn’t need to borrow a coat from our generous (and stylish) friend Andy. I even made a list of places to go/things to look at. Go me! Here’s that list:

  • Essex City Market
  • Mood
  • Parsons School Of Design (we’re big Project Runway fans)
  • Pietro Nolita
  • Black Tap NYC
  • Ramen Co.
  • Cafe Henrie
  • Tiny’s NYC
  • Cheeky Sandwiches
  • Doughnut Plant
  • Cha Cha Matcha
  • L’asso Pizza
  • Gladstone Gallery
  • The Jewish Museum
  • Dia: Beacon

















I love the hustle and bustle of New York and I don’t even mind the paranoia caused by potentially being mugged at any second. We didn’t make it to everything on that list, and some of the things we just happily stumbled upon without specifically looking for them. We also went to MoMA on a free admission night, which I highly recommend if you want to look at Starry Night by peeking through the heads of three rows of people who had a poster of it in their childhood bedroom too.

New life goal: Live in New York City long enough to get my resting bitch face up to par.

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