Oh, Thanks!

Although I don’t really like the idea of sitting down to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and taking turns saying what we’re all thankful for (“I’m thankful to be here with all you dummies”) before we can wolf down some mashed potatoes, I still want to mention what I am thankful for this year. 2016 has been filled with really high ups and really low downs so far, and I think it deserves a bit of reflection.

I’m thankful for:

  1. a husband who is on board with creating new traditions with me and is okay with the fact that I’ll probably never cook a turkey.
  2. best friends who laugh at my jokes and always have my back.
  3. a rewarding and fun 9-5, M-F job.
  4. kittens who behave like total dickheads sometimes (it grounds us).
  5. in-laws who not only don’t suck, but that are actually pretty freaking cool. I genuinely love them so much.
  6. a sister who makes me laugh so hard that I spit out whatever I’m drinking.
  7. our home (even when it’s a mess).
  8. did I mention my husband?!
  9. the opportunity to have seen a little bit more of the world.


What are you thankful for?

xoxo, S

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