Give It Time, Give It Wine

I hate talking about politics because I know next to nothing about politics. But, yesterday, I sat shaking uncontrollably and crying my eyes out. I, along with a lot of my fellow Americans, felt like I had been punched in the heart. I emailed myself a draft of a blog post that I have decided not to publish just yet. I’m not ready to be brave. For now, all I want to do is hug my husband, my friends, and my kittens (though not when I’m trying to type, Peter! Seriously, did you eat the number three key?!) and just be grateful for everything I have in life and pray that none of my rights are ever taken away from me. I want to take 2 steps forward, not 10 steps back.

Let’s move on together, shall we? What other choice do we have?


2 thoughts on “Give It Time, Give It Wine

  1. I feel you girl. I just got out of this post-election funk/spiral only to be hit with news that one of my favorite journalists died yesterday (Gwen Ifill RIP). Can this year just…end? Like now?


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