How To Find Balance In Life

Have you ever noticed how “career bloggers” post pictures from the coolest places, like, all the time? I know of so many people who fly out to Paris for Fashion Week, to London to stay at a new boutique hotel, or to Wynwood Walls in Miami just for the photo ops. When I was in Texas visiting family in August, my cousin, our friend and I drove 3 hours from San Antonio to Houston with a trunk full of outfits to take pictures with colorful walls all over town. I felt like a real blogger (I just said that out loud in my best Pinocchio voice and laughed hysterically for 2 whole minutes)! It was a lot of fun! We’re not shy, we’ll totally change in a crowded parking lot, NBD. Anyway, we took tons of pics- some to correspond with immediate blog posts and some to save until I had something specific to talk about.

The specific topic today: Balance. (Get it?)


I have been on the search for Zen since I turned 21 and my prefrontal cortex finally finished developing. I’ve read books by Buddhists and Zen Masters, but sometimes life just gets in the way. I make excuses for my stress and say things like “this too shall pass,” and it usually does, BUT what if there’s a way to balance out your life to make it stress-free and, well, balanced?



I’m definitely not one with the universe yet, but I’m learning to be one with myself. For me, balance is fueled by the power of contradiction. I only eat pizza and drink on the weekend while during the week I meal prep. For every dark, murder-y book I read, I have to read something light, i.e. Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter was contradicted by reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert for the second time. It’s the little things, people.


If you take nothing else away from this post other than the knowledge that I stood with one foot (in heels, mind you) on that yellow thingy for over 5 minutes, then fine. You can see how balanced I’m becoming.

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