Couples Costumes 101

The first time Joel and I ever attempted to do a couples costume for Halloween was a total joke. We, very last minute, decided to go as Blake and Adam from Workaholics (The idea was that I would curl and tease my hair and wear Joel’s short sleeve button down and Joel would take off his glasses and squint a lot). It just so happened that this was the same night that Joel wanted me to meet his parents. I was too busy trying to impress Ron and Sheila with my list of top ten favorite books to give our costumes much thought and we ended up scrapping the whole thing.

Oh how times have changed! This year marks the third year in a row that Joel and I will have, successfully, pulled off a great couples costume. These days, we give ourselves plenty of time to come up with a good idea and then execute it. We totally killed it as Han and Leia in 2014 and again as Katy Perry and Left Shark last year.

We narrowed it down, and realized that there are 4 categories of couples costumes and each year we’ll pick from a different one. Here are some examples:

  • Topical Costumes- No, not tropical costumes, nobody around here is going as a palm tree. Topical meaning whatever is popular in the media right now. Katy Perry/Shark were pretty topical because we took the idea from that year’s Super Bowl halftime show. In 2013, my sister in law went as a giant wrecking ball and her husband was Miley Cyrus- so good! I can see a lot of this year’s topical costumes centering around the election. Booooooring! Here’s a better idea: Ben and Lauren from The Bachelor. It was easy for us because  we already kind of look like them.




  • Classic/Iconic Costumes- Can you get more classic than Princess Leia and Han?! What about Holly Golightly and Cat? Princess Buttercup and Westley? Popeye and Olive Oyl? Forrest Gump and Jenny? Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro?! A bearded Castaway and his beloved Wilson Volleyball? This is my favorite category to chose from.
  • Inanimate Object Costumes- Salt and Pepper, Spaghetti and Cheese, Lumberjack and Block of Wood, Builder and Sexy Piece of Drywall, Lamp and Light Bulb, the list goes on and on. Look around your kitchen and pick something!
  • Inside Joke Costumes- this is the winning category for us this year. Our costumes are not everyone’s cup of tea, but those of you who will get it will laugh! Stay tuned.

We are hosting our third annual Halloween party with our best blogger friends/neighbors, Nick and Sarah. We have The Simpsons Tree House of Horror episodes playing on mute with a sweet Halloween playlist (wereworlf bar mitvah, monstermash, etc.), a cool photo booth backdrop made by yours truly, and all the pizza and alcohol you can imagine. It’s always a good time!

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