Leather + Lace

I won’t lie to you, the title of this post sounds like it could be the name of an adult video store, but I was actually thinking of the Stevie Nicks song when I named it:

“Give to me your leather; Take from me my lace” (I wonder what the song is about. Wink wink, nudge nudge….)





There’s something so endearing about the combination of these two textiles. Leather and lace make me think of both a good gal gone bad and a rebellious girl with a heart of gold. The juxtaposition of something sweet (lace) and something savory (ha,  because leather, get it?) almost always amounts to a big fat fashion w-i-n. Hey, if you didn’t notice, I KNOW BIG WORDS!






For the most part, I spend my weekdays wearing yoga pants and minimal makeup, which is why I always feel the need to over primp and over dress on weekends. Joel and I get a lot out of our photo shoots together: I get a self esteem boost, and he gets to practice his portrait photography on the prettiest (only) girl in the whole damn forest.

Lace Maxi/ Annie Gogglyn (sold out), Faux Leather Jacket/ Similar, Shoes/Kate Spade

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