July 2015-October 2016, a year and 3 months- the longest I’ve ever been catless. I was born into cat ownership and have literally. always. had. cats. My family has always had pets. My home growing up was not only filled with, like, a million children running around, but there were always animals too (we had a pet pigeon once). At one point in time, the cat to kid ration was 1:1, which says a lot because there were 6 of us.

My sister and I recently attempted to compile a list of names of all of the cats we had growing up, and got somewhere in the high twenties (that list is cats only, Pierre Pigsby the pig, Samson the Great Dane, and Mr. Weasel the ferret are on another list entirely). Impressive, no? From Freckles, whom my parents had had since before us kids were born who met her fate by the jaws of some very bad runaway dogs when I was 4; to Brosnan, Martin, and Nunny who were named after Priests from our church and the word “nun”, respectively; to Little Kitty who once ran through rat poison and costs thousands of dollars worth of Kitty Kidney Dialysis to save (he is now almost 20 and miraculously still alive)- we had a lot of cats and we loved them all so much (all except Poncho- he was a dick).


The fact that I haven’t had kitties of my own for a little while led me to owning cats on things. Cat sweater? I’ve got 2! Cat shirts and dresses? Yup. Cat tea towels? In the kitchen, dummy! Cat vases? Throughout our house, sir! Joel’s favorite shirt is one with a cat reading a book printed on it. What can we say? We really like cats.



After commuting to and from Ohio every week, planning and having a wedding, going on a honeymoon, and having a bunch of house guests in between, our lives together as a married couple have finally had a chance to calm down. A couple weeks ago, we pounced on the opportunity and adopted two kittens from the local Animal Rescue League.

Enter Peter Nincompoop and Sweet Dee (she’s not giving you the stink eye, that’s just how her face is):


We couldn’t be more in love with our kittens! I love hearing the pitter patter of little paws as I sip my coffee in the morning! These little guys warmed up to us immediately and love to snuggle with Joel and I as we watch The Wire. They have such goofy personalities: she likes to bite us and he likes to attack our toes. Bringing home these babies was a pawsitively good idea.

Cat Sweater/ShopAtBananas, Leggings/old AF, Boots/Kate Spade, Necklace & Glasses/No14

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