Woman Of The Hour Vol 2

I was recently interviewed for a local “blogger of the week” thing, and there is one question in particular that’s been sticking with me: “Where do you see your blog in 5 years?” Now, I don’t know where we’ll be living or how much weight I will have gained/lost or if I’ll still even have an obsession with egg rolls by then, but I do have a clear idea of where the ole blog-a-roo is headed.

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a narcissist. Well, I’m not as narcissistic as I come off on the Internet. I would love it if I could take my blog from That’s What Sarah Said: all about ME, ME, ME to That’s What SHE Said: A Blog By Women For Women, or something like that. I know so many interesting women and have heard amazing hilarious, heartwarming, and sometimes tragic stories from all of them and this could potentially be a place for them to share. But, baby steps…

I dipped my toes in the water last winter when I interviewed my now sister-in-law, Laura. LG is a brilliant, funny, beautiful, and  talented individual and I enjoyed asking her goofy questions and getting to do a photo shoot with her! And now, with the same gusto, I bring you my second installment of Woman of the Hour; an interview/conversation with the most outgoing lady I have ever met, my cousin/bff, Christina.

I’ve known Christinka my whole life. I’ve seen her grow from the sweet, nerdy girl in elementary school to the never-shy, always happy, still-just-as-sweet, gorgeous, purple-haired adult. Christina is a very talented hair dresser, wife, and mother of two. She is typically the wildest person in the room if there’s music on. She will do the jump splits. You have been warned!


 Describe your style in 1-5 words. Classic/trendy/bold/colorful

Who is your #1 style icon? Does it have to be someone who is alive? I always love looking to Marilyn. More current- Kate Moss



What is your best feature? (smile? hair? boobs? idk) my hair and my legs (not the hair on my legs). I may be short but I was blessed with some nice strutters

What song would you want to play when you walk into a room that would make you feel like a badass? Me too- Meghan Trainor

What beauty product can you not live without? Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced and my beauty blender!




Are you currently binge watching anything, Netflix or otherwise? Just started Orphan Black! Thanks to Amy Pummel for getting me hooked

What is your favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever had? I have a few- my little Indian with my macaroni necklace, our village people costumes WITH the mustaches, my diy Christmas present costume, or sunny-side-up (no picture) ((all white jumpsuit with the butt cut out wearing yellow shorts under so when I bent over, I looked sunny-side-up))


If you and Brandon (your husband) could go anywhere in the world with or without your kiddos, where would you want to go? New Zealand during their summer. We both love to relax during vacations so we would for sure hit up the beaches, check out the glow worm caves and I would have to have a meet and greet with a koala though

What’s your favorite part about being a mom? Post-bedtime? Just kidding. I love seeing how much they learn and how they express themselves in their own ways. They have huge hearts and it’s rewarding seeing that play out.

What is your most embarrassing moment? Hard to say because I am KNOWN  for busting my ass everywhere I go and peeing my pants. I don’t think I have ever played a game of hide-and-go-seek without peeing myself a little bit. And I don’t think I’ve ever been dancing without falling or hurting myself in some way. Peeing has always been an issue, even before having children.


What is your drink of choice? Vodka water. Or a whole bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon to myself.

 Give me an example of your biggest fashion win and your biggest fashion mistake. 

Win- my most IG likes was on my pink tulle skirt with my ballet flats. I just want to dance when I wear it! Also- the new flowy  floral dress/tunic from bless your heart. I had an older man tell me I made him feel young again because it reminded him of the 70s with the belled sleeves- thanks, man!

Mistake– trying to completely match a whole outfit. It’s too much! Worst was the cow print platforms, vest, and cowboy hat. Hey! 1990 Madonna called, she wants her cow print hat back.

What are your favorite and least favorite current fashion trends?

Favorite- chokers. Haha “my necklace that attracts boys” no, I’m not sure why but I’ve always loved chokers even when they were not in style. I love that high waist jeans are in. Never thought I would but after becoming a mom, they have saved my life!

Least favorite- Gaucho pants, turtlenecks- mainly because they make me look like a turtle and itch. I love that they look great on everyone else! Crocs, socks with sandals/opened heels, baggy pants on guys


Best advice you could give someone. Don’t worry about a thing. Every little thing is gonna be alright!

There you have it. A little insight to a very complicated girl. Be sure to follow Christina on Instagram for great pops of color and cute AF kid pics!

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