A Few Of Our Favorite Things


One of the things Joel and I talked about when we were planning the fun little details of our wedding, was our intention to make our day totally unique to us. We added a ton of personalized touches everywhere. In a later post, I will share more of the DIY side of our wedding, but for now, here’s how we incorporated a few of our favorite things…. From the obvious to the hidden, these silly concepts really gave our wedding that Joel and Sarah punch we were aiming for.

MEAN GIRLS– I knew we were going to have a sweetheart table, so I thought it’d be funny to have a custom garland sign made to let everyone else know that they can’t sit with us. Also loving how the aqua blue letters pop against the gold sequin table cloth (both purchased on Etsy).



IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA- If you didn’t already know that we were adding tidbits from Sunny, you probably missed them. First of all, we had our rings engraved with an Always Sunny quote that totally pertains to marriage. Secondly-we didn’t plan this- when my Matron of Honor gave her speech, she nervously dry heaved just like Sweet Dee!




GAME OF THRONES- This is probably my favorite personalized thing we did for our wedding… Our friend Nick, a talented music teacher (and blogger!),  greeted our guests with the sweet sounds of acoustic versions of the Game Of Thrones theme song and The Rains Of Castamere (also from GOT). Nick also played some Bowie and Queen and he grew an epic year long beard just for us! Joel and I didn’t get to hear Nick’s playing at the wedding, but I got a preview of it at our book club the week beforehand. Thanks again, Nick!


HARRY POTTER- I’ve been an HP fan for a longggg time, but we didn’t really have a big Harry Potter thing planned… We did, however, refer to the bridal room- where I hid from Joel before the ceremony and all of my girls kept their belongings- as The Chamber Of Secrets. Whatever, I’m counting it.


LEGO- Joel LOVES Legos! He had a Lego themed birthday party when he turned 27! When he showed me that you can order personalized Lego cake toppers on Etsy, I was alllll about that.


STAR WARS- The last and certainly the most obvious of our favorite things: Star Wars! It was everywhere! Joel handmade a giant marquee sign that says “May The Four(teen)th Be With You”. He worked so hard on it and we love how it turned out! We had Storm Trooper masks floating around on the dance floor (thanks, Christina!) and my oldest friend, Kat, wore a custom made Star Wars dress. Lastly, our 3 ft tall “pet” Storm Trooper, Jermaine, guarded the bar throughout the night.









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