Never Have I Ever…




“Never Have I Ever…” is not only the name of a fun drinking game, it’s a unique way to get to know a group of people a little bit better. Haven’t you ever played this game with friends and found yourself saying: “wait, you’ve never been to Europe?!” or “you really haven’t ever driven a convertible car?!”.

Though I like to think that I have lived my life to its full potential thus far, there is still a lot I haven’t done. For this drinking game, grab yourself a Belgian or craft beer to sip (we’re adults, get out of here with your PBR!) and play along.


  • been skiing (I had never even seen snow until Joel and I started dating)
  • been to Disney World (or any other Disney themed parks)
  • gone far enough on a boat so I can’t see the shore
  • done a cartwheel
  • been snorkeling or scuba diving
  • stayed awake through all of Pulp Fiction, What About Bob, or The Big Lebowski.
  • ran a charity race
  • been mistaken for a celebrity
  • eaten frog legs
  • broken a limb
  • spent any time in a hospital as a patient
  • had jury duty

So what have YOU never done?!



4 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever…

  1. Never Have I ever…

    -Learn to ride a bicycle (apparently a lot of ppl have a huge problem with this)
    – Watch Friends, Lost and apparently any other popular tv show
    -Dye my hair


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